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Who is the one true god?


And what do we say to laundry?

Not today.

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I'm gonna be real cute when I finally manage to work through my internalized self hatred and get to a healthy point in my life

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Be kind to yourselves, you fucking assholes. Or I'll beat the shit out of you.

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New account, guess I'd better do another .

I'm Emily, 40ish woman living on stolen Chinook land also known as Portland Oregon. I work in IT, I have a single speed bicycle, I'm hella lesbian, and I successfully ran a one woman performance for 30 years or so where I convincingly appeared as a man in everyday life.

My political identity is anticapitalist and antibigot.

My heart belongs to all cats. I'm also very rad.

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It's @Lauren_Ipsum migrating to a different name on the same instance because I said so that's why. :blob_raccoon_coffee:

Seriously just yelled GOD DAMMIT to my empty apartment.

Masto, should I get that nose piercing this weekend?

Oh pfft why am I even asking I know what the answer is and that's why I love ya'll

Yeah I wore xmen earrings to Birds of Prey. Wanna fight about it?

Well my theory about "boobs = woman" in regards to being gendered correctly is showing cracks. The gas attendant just Ma'am'd me while I was bundled up in my oversized hoodie and my window mostly up without any eye contact so maybe the backup theory is that I'm just radiating femme energy. It's interesting at any rate.

Selfie EC 

Doing that requisite blood work so I can say to my doctor "I want to go to 200mg progesterone" and they can look at my labs and say "well you're not dying and I have no other context for trans care and you clearly know more than I do so I don't see why not"

Would be extremely cool if I could breathe any time soon

I am going to make it through this year
If it kills me
I am going to make it though this year
If it kills me

Will my desire for fresh piping hot pho overcome my desire to get it delivered! Find out tonight, on--oh fuck it I'm just going to get it delivered.

Don't ask, just venting 

Like, I get that a lot of people celebrate valentine's day and a lot don't for various reasons. I never have but that's not because I'm opposed to it I just really don't process holidays existing. I'm just over here like "Oh it's a message... Happy what day? Oh right sure yeah that"

Working from home and again of course wearing nicer clothes than I wear in the office

Just sitting here thinking about how I have absolutely no proof in my possession that I'm a citizen of my birth country and I'm basically just a misplaced envelope away from being non-personed.

Doing the old Valentine's Day tradition of watching my favorite Twitch streamer play 10 hours of Euro Truck Simulator while listening to 80's rock.

Trans Shitpost 

Kinda gross 

In order to maintain my badass image, I am also drinking a real large mixed drink.

Without any alcohol

or other mixing ingredients

or uh... flavoring.

ok it's just seltzer water shut up.

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