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I'm a white settler living on stolen Multnomah and Chinook land.

I see ya'll getting harassed on here so I am ready to help collect my settler kin. My DMs are open if you need help telling wp to sit down.

And please please please call me out on my white bullshit when you see it. I know I have a lot to decolonize still and I'm willing to do that hard work.

Boosts welcome

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Who is the one true god?


And what do we say to laundry?

Not today.

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I'm gonna be real cute when I finally manage to work through my internalized self hatred and get to a healthy point in my life

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Be kind to yourselves, you fucking assholes. Or I'll beat the shit out of you.

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New account, guess I'd better do another .

I'm Emily, 40ish woman living on stolen Chinook land also known as Portland Oregon. I work in IT, I have a single speed bicycle, I'm hella lesbian, and I successfully ran a one woman performance for 30 years or so where I convincingly appeared as a man in everyday life.

My political identity is anticapitalist and antibigot.

My heart belongs to all cats. I'm also very rad.

Oh shit I found another van on Craigslist and it's an older Toyota van that looks like a shuttle craft and it's got a butterfly rug and a mandala painted on the ceiling.

I fuckin HAVE TO get this van.

I'm kinda pissed because my ex loved minivans and she wouldn't shut up about how superior they are and dammit why is she right

Just waiting for this van boy to text me back. Shit looks dope and I'm excited about it. High odometer but it looks well cared for.

PDX COVID-19 mutual network needs more volunteers 

We hope that you are all doing ok with the stress, isolation, and potential serious health consequences that we're all facing. While energies may be flagging, COVID-19 is just getting started in our community. If you are able to volunteer, your help is needed. If you have a fair bit of time and energy on your hands and want to be involved quite a bit more, you can fill out this:

Should I buy this 2003 Chevy Astro with a futon and cabinets in the back

Yes or yes or nah

I hope every cop in the world has the worst day of their life and then dies 🤗

Woke up at 10 and had a long conversation about nerdcore rappers and 2000s era absurdist webcomics over coffee.

I love my girlfriend.

Today's a good day to remember that the Catholic Church is a terrorist organization responsible for the genocide of billions. Fuck the Church and fuck the Pope

God dang I love being the anarchist punk tatted body-pierced ukelele-playin cyclist femme lesbian I always meant to be.

My two month old kitten is bullying my girlfriend's sixteen year old dog out of his dinner

Here in Oregon it's the law that everyone over the age of twelve needs a mask in business or indoor public spaces and it is now a class c misdemeanor but like... Who is going to enforce that?

what's the reverse of an endorsement

where because someone endorsed you I like you less

July 4, Hawaii, Independence 

Imagine a Native American community who had a Disneyland-like resort built over their villages and ancestor's graves, the people made to do bastardizations of their sacred dances, wear mock 'sexy feather headresses' and entertain the rich tourists for starvation wages, 12 hours a day 7 days a week, living sardine-packed 20-to-a-house. And then be arrested for speaking their own language. It'd be an outrage, right? But that is just everyday life, in US-colonized Hawaii

It's Canada Day. 4th of July is in three days. Burn the colonial settler state to the ground.

:boost_ok: As of July 1, people in Oregon are required to cover their faces in businesses and other indoor public spaces. 😷

Need more masks? Here's a Black-owned clothing company that makes them:

this #CanadaDay2020 lets remember:

-canada isn't immune to racism just bc its not usa

-indigenous women are still disappearing/being murdered

-the first nations are still being forced off their lands

-doctors are still sterilizing indigenous ppl

ever remember how Gloria Steinem was literally paid by the CIA to create a form of feminism that would reject socialism and be nonthreatening to capital

Kinda lewd text 

My girlfriend took some clandestine pictures of me when I got up and stretched and 😳 when did I get sexy

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🍹🌴 a smol island in the sun 🌴🍹