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If you are a newly out trans person (or questioning) and a loved one is asking you to not transition for x amount of time for either ambiguous reasons, or reasons related to their own goals and not your happiness, then I have something to tell you.

That's abuse. You're being abused.

You deserve all the happiness in the world and no one should ever dim your shine. My DMs are open to you. ❤️

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I'm a white settler living on stolen Multnomah and Chinook land.

I see ya'll getting harassed on here so I am ready to help collect my settler kin. My DMs are open if you need help telling wp to sit down.

And please please please call me out on my white bullshit when you see it. I know I have a lot to decolonize still and I'm willing to do that hard work.

Boosts welcome

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Who is the one true god?


And what do we say to laundry?

Not today.

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Be kind to yourselves, you fucking assholes. Or I'll beat the shit out of you.

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New account, guess I'd better do another .

I'm Emily, 40ish woman living on stolen Chinook land also known as Portland Oregon. I work in IT, I have a single speed bicycle, I'm hella lesbian, and I successfully ran a one woman performance for 30 years or so where I convincingly appeared as a man in everyday life.

My political identity is anticapitalist and antibigot.

My heart belongs to all cats. I'm also very rad.

My people who have had electrolysis done on your face: what's a good topical, preferably OTC, that will make this a kind of tolerable experience?

Boosts are cool

Also I love you, have a beautiful day.

Please hit me with links about liberatory community living. How to deal with conflicts, how to avoid hierarchical thinking, things like that. Boosts OK.

Listen. If you have a decorative typewriter on its own decorative desk, then you can go fuck yourself.

At a certain point we just gotta be done with capitalism though, right? I don't want to spend the rest of my life complaining about how capitalism sucks.

Remember, if it's not from the Fiets region of the Netherlands, it's just a sparkling bicycle.

An uncomfortable truth 

Queers who discuss and speculate about an individual's gender/orientation without that individual being present is just as if not more marginalizing than a cis het people doing the same thing. It's not supportive, it's not celebratory, it's just shitty.

Gender exploration is a very important and scary process and the fact that the cis het people in my life talked about me and my journey while I was early in my transition and not present for those conversations make me feel like shit to this day, and now that I know that queers do it waaaaay more than cis het people makes me feel even worse.

Support people early in their gender /orientation journey. Don't talk about them behind their backs and don't think you know more about them than they do.

I really shouldn't have to say this.

Job lookin, tech, Boosts welcome 

I'm in Portland Oregon if that matters but really I can work remote p much anywhere with kind time zones.

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Job lookin, tech, Boosts welcome 

After losing my job to covid last March I've had a hell of a time trying to find tech work. I gave up for a bit and did some bike wrenching but it's not making ends meet so I'm back on the job lookin train.

I have 18 years experience, mostly in systems administration, mostly in windows, but my experience is really all over the place. I've worked for government, university, fortune 100, small firms, consulting, data analysis, information security, kind of a Jane of All Trades. I have an associates degree and a bachelor's degree, and nine certifications that are still mostly relevant, one of which is the MCITP.

What I'm most proud of is my ability to figure stuff out. I'm real clever. I'm also able to communicate with non technical staff as well as super nerds.

So what's up, fediverse. You got any jobs?

Responding to my wife asking me "where should I put this thing?" with "IT BELONGS IN A MUSEUM" never gets old

Seriously, if you're cisgender, please, yes, by all means educate yourself about gender and gender identities. But please for the love of fuck will you just. shut. the fuck. up.

No one wants to hear your opinion on gender. It's literally worthless. Your understanding of gender is on the same level as reading a paragraph about a place where I fucking LIVE. Day in, day out, this is my life, and I do not care about how good your imagination is, you have ZERO ability to understand what it's like for me to exist in this world.

Your opinion just DOES NOT MATTER.

Gender, cis nonsense, all caps 

Everyone: (complete silence)


National Slap The Shit Out Of A Liberal For Telling Marginalized Communities We Need To Focus On Unity Day

Http:// is live with more fish tank action surprising no one! Thrill at the slightly better video quality! Take a few moments up drop by and relax!

Hey if you want to hang out and see what my fish are doing head on over to and you do can do exactly that

Fundraising for a comrade, pls boost 

Autumn spent time in the same unit as a very dear friend of mine and I can personally vouch for her and her awesomeness. She is the realest of deals and she needs some money for surgeries. There are 10 days left in the fundraiser and if you are able to help a good comrade out, please send some money her way.

- -

We are raising $10,000 for multiple surgeries for our lovely friend Autumn who received injuries while volunteering and doing solidarity work in Syria to help local grassroots democracies and cooperatives to survive. Autumn is transgender and plans to share her experiences volunteering in Syria as a trans person. 

Any funds we receive over $10,000 will go to unanticipated treatment costs and to other volunteers who are trans who are in need of monetary support.

Where do ya'll go to for ordering your own designed stickers on the internet that won't report you to the FBI for trying to make stickers that are critical of capitalism?

Asking for myself.

Need a recommend for a good electrolysis place in Portland Oregon. I need this shit out of my face.

Reposting for boostability

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