Trans stuff, voice dysphoria, Boosts are cool 

I go back and forth on this. Why should I change my voice? Society is the one that sucks!

But it also really sucks when I'm treated like a woman until I open my mouth.

I feel like if I were truly OK with my voice the I wouldn't be thinking about this stuff which means that I'm really not OK with my voice dysphoria. I do know that I heard a voice message I left for my wife and I was legit surprised that my voice sounded femme (at least more femme than I think it is) and got a little kick of euphoria from it. And like just that should be enough to point me towards yeah I legit do have voice dysphoria.

But admitting that also means having to deal with it and I don't really want to deal with another thing right at the moment.

If anyone has done vocal training to as a part of their transition, could we talk? I'm real curious about the process and what to expect as far as results / time and work involved.

re: Trans stuff, voice dysphoria, Boosts are cool 

@EmilyIsRad So I'm pretty happy with my voice now, but getting there took a LONG time. A lot of that was from a year working a customer service job where I answered phones, so I could practice and hear myself.

I'm not like, some prototypical femme. I still sound hella trans. But I get gendered correctly, and my voice is mine.

(still get occasional spikes of dysphoria though, when I catch myself dropping deep in moments of excitement.)

Point is, you can get a voice you love without necessarily doing structured exercises, if you give it time and work on gradual marginal improvements instead of trying to shoot directly for some Ideal.

Trans stuff, voice dysphoria, Boosts are cool 

@EmilyIsRad I did a good bit of it if you wanna talk :) kept it very androgynous

Trans stuff, voice dysphoria, Boosts are cool 

@EmilyIsRad if you're interested, I sort of skipped professional vocal practice and made up an exercise that did the job for me. I got pretty good feedback from it, like people thinking HRT had naturally changed my voice. No idea if it could work for someone else, though.

Trans stuff, voice dysphoria, Boosts are cool 

@EmilyIsRad i did it last year. not totally successful, tbh. tl;dr: better than i started, but far from automatically passing for cis.

now, i learned a lot of useful stuff from my voice therapist, and i'm definitely at a better default than where i started from. i don't get misgendered on the phone anywhere near as often now, but more importantly, i don't hate my voice anywhere near as much as i used to. so that helps a lot.

but: it's one of those things where you _have_ to practice frequently on your own outside of office visits to get the best results, and i never did _that_ enough that a more feminine voice became totally automatic. eventually i stopped going because i was tired of explaining that i hadn't been practicing as often as my therapist wanted. so i still have to think about how i sound as i'm talking, and i've never been alllll the way happy with it either.

Trans stuff, voice dysphoria, Boosts are cool 

@EmilyIsRad I want to get on this train as well, but I haven't seriously looked into the process yet.

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