My people who have had electrolysis done on your face: what's a good topical, preferably OTC, that will make this a kind of tolerable experience?

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@EmilyIsRad Ask your doctor for a prescription for topical lidocain. Just tell them what it's for. There are also some lower strength OTC ones (just search for OTC lidocain). That and a couple OTC tylenol usually would diminish the pain enough that I wouldn't mind.

@EmilyIsRad i ordered some lidocaine cream on amazon, seemed to work fine

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@EmilyIsRad I used Deeveeant cream, which is 4% lidocaine. I spread it on about the same thickness as butter on bread, and kept it protected with plastic wrap until right before they would wipe it and treat the area. It doesn't stop hurting, but it brought the pain down to a level I could fight past

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Seconding what others have said about topical lidocaine. Clinic-grade is better than otc. It's something I kind of expect an electrologist to offer, and if for whatever reason they don't, I'd try to source some via your doctor or somewhere.

Big thing I was cautioned is not to get in in your eyes.

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