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morning, wonderful freaks. it's finally friday! :hamsterdance:

i will always, always, always have love for exploratory robots like perseverance and curiosity.

Starting a puzzle that I got myself as a reward for surviving a difficult week and for passing two exams. It’s a Eurographics one and I was hoping for it to be random cut but it’s ribbon cut (pieces are squarish and kind of cut on a grid) instead.

However, this is much nicer than the random cut one I have of the same brand. Edges are neat, no pieces stuck together, and virtually no puzzle dust.

there's an upcoming movie that stars benedict cumberbatch as louis wain, illustrator of cats. louis was way ahead of his time; he would've felt at home here.

a bbc documentary that you probably haven't thought about in a while.

spice girls - giving you everything (2007)


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🍹🌴 a smol island in the sun 🌴🍹