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every time i've said, "ok, i'm going to walk the dog!" today, it rains. sorry, dog.

i already write with four different colour inks at work and i realized yesterday that i'd do better with five. :ablobgrimace:

what is happening here??

i'm watching flores (2017), a documentary about the azores islands which has become so overrun by hydrangeas that its few inhabitants have been forced to evacuate to mainland portugal.

it's a melancholic yet fascinating watch.

i heard part of this song on what/if and i needed to hear all of it. i loved this song when i was a little kid.

erasure - a little respect

we got us some milkshakes, folx!
:milkshake_banana: :milkshake_chocolate: :milkshake_strawberry:

please put to good use :anarchoheart1:

i have run out of mindless things to watch.

if you're looking for a desktop client for mastodon and pleroma, whalebird might be what you're looking for.

meet z-stars, a k-pop group that has members not only from korea but from all over asia. they're legit: they train in seoul with k-pop dance and voice instructors. it's pretty sweet to see. :blobcatmeltlove:

i'm not sure if it's just me, but i feel like the local timeline isn't updating.

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how did sweden get only 93 points from the public??

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🍹🌴 a smol island in the sun 🌴🍹