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I just saw a guy with $122 dollars on his bus card and I don't think I'd ever be comfortable putting that much money in mine. :ablobgrimace:

i'm still trying to figure out today's discourse because i can feel it in the air but have been able to mostly avoid it.

watching bridget jones' diary and wow please bring me back to 2001 :blobcrysob:

I hope everyone's having a good day because this Monday is being a Very Monday Monday on this end. :blobweary:

i have to finish all the ink samples i have before i go and buy new ink. 

project runway is the british baking show of fashion reality competitions.

The third episode of They Ready (Netflix) which features Aida Rodriguez is :nes_fire:

i don't know why i waited so long to watch season 17 of project runway because this season is awesome.

Morning friends! I hope you have a nice Saturday! :blob_raccoon_coffee:

I hate that Silicon Valley has now discovered tarot. Here we go columbusing things again.

the current australian bachelor reminds me of a talking hand. (ec if googly eyes count!)

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