"Why BIPOC Is An Inadequate Acronym"

... racialized is 100 percent the better term. It leaves room to be specific about who you’re talking about. If you’re talking about Black people, say Black. If you’re talking about Indigenous people, say Indigenous. And so on. Recognize our uniqueness, our humanity and our individual experiences.

... In the wake of this post-George Floyd revolution, spurred by his murder and the many Black people whose lives have been snatched from them due to virulent state-sanctioned anti-Black racism, I will be damned if I allow their experience and the collective experiences of Black people and Indigenous people to be collected and spread like a cloak across all people of colour, because of the benefit proximity to the Black experience has for them in this current racial revolution.


This reminds me of this statement made based on a survey by regarding the commonly used 'BAME' acronym which many in the UK find really offensive for similar reasons..

@fubar thanks for the link! I’m not surprised the problem with BAME is the same.

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