for those who have ever been told that they can’t understand a parent’s love because they only have pets and for those who have decided to not have children but have wondered what the road not taken is like, i hope this brings you comfort.

found this today. you or someone you know may find this helpful. (might be a US-only promo though.)

"$20 for $50 of Groceries

Hey all, if you use the code 30PAYPAL and checkout with PayPal, you can get $30 off your order of $50 or more on Instacart!


ETA: Thanks to the folks in the comments, it expires 1/1 at 2am EST, so basically, expires 12/31 :). I've also seen elsewhere that it is limited to around 84,000 codes uses. I'm so glad this has been useful!"

i am a huge fan of r/birdswitharms because of gems like these.


Starting a puzzle that I got myself as a reward for surviving a difficult week and for passing two exams. It’s a Eurographics one and I was hoping for it to be random cut but it’s ribbon cut (pieces are squarish and kind of cut on a grid) instead.

However, this is much nicer than the random cut one I have of the same brand. Edges are neat, no pieces stuck together, and virtually no puzzle dust.

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