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i can't stop thinking of this today because everything is finite. every day is a situation with limited resources.

yeah, found the perfect song to sing while washing my hands.

there is a koala-sniffing dog named smudge who is out there in australia, helping find koalas on the move away from the fires.

dogs are too good for us. :blobheart:

If I saw her in puppy form I’d be THIS ONE THIS IS THE ONE!!! This dog is perfect in every way! :blobhearteyesa:

the current australian bachelor reminds me of a talking hand. (ec if googly eyes count!)

Saw this shirt and thought, maybe I should get this because I know I'm excellent but sometimes I can be salty. 😂

have a little pocket of joy 

@zoey @tzo in spanish, dogs bark "guau" which is the same word as "wow" that people use.

awesome comic strip by @pollomostro

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🍹🌴 a smol island in the sun 🌴🍹