pet massage demo/tutorial. didn't expect to enjoy watching this good boi get relaxed this much. it's a really soothing video and i'm feeling better myself!

this is the song i needed to hear today. maybe you need it, too. :teal_heart:

don't you worry bout a thing - meena from sing/tori kelly

just remembered this song today and good dog, someone is cutting onions around here today. the comments are also worth reading, for a change.

someone's waiting for you - from disney's the rescuers

this is making my morning

tempted - sting and gary barlow (the crooner sessions)

bring it on needs a rewatch. it has aged really, really well and is still relevant in 2021.

@kensanata i generally only rinse when i'm putting in a different ink. i still tend to give the pen a flush about every month or so when it's refill time, especially if it's a dense, highly pigmented ink, so the feed won't get clogged.

and i almost always have ink on my fingers!

what I assume is a cis men thing, bad 

@Juju 🤢 ugh, so disgusting. i never asked and now i wish i never knew!

The Dogs That Grew Wool and the People Who Love Them

"Indigenous communities in the Pacific Northwest bred little, fluffy white dogs that provided for them, both materially and spiritually."

morning, wonderful freaks. it's finally friday! :hamsterdance:

i will always, always, always have love for exploratory robots like perseverance and curiosity.

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🍹🌴 a smol island in the sun 🌴🍹