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i just suddenly remembered that one of my most favourite toys ever was a doraemon periscope my dad gave me when i was three.

it's a rare day whenever i find something that gives me that much joy.

Morning tootsters ☕ 🍵 :blobcoffee: Happy Indigenous Peoples Day! Also happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Got the helix piercing. Finally. Piercing now count up to 7. :hamsterdance:

This bus smells like unwashed hair. Like unwashed for five days.

i heard this song on nancy drew and it's love love love

the flys - got you where i want you (unfortunately unavailable in

Tis the season of 

i motherfucking love inktober! thank you for making my timeline beautiful, everyone participating! :blob_raccoon_heart:

a heads up, the great australian bake off is back!!! :hamsterdance:

:bananachips: meta 

:bananachips: meta 

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