@Shufei @snowdusk_ cayenne on the freeze dried salty veggie chips is :thumb_up_party: i've always thought of putting aerosol whipped cream (spray? i don't know what it's called the one that comes in a can) on them.

@Shufei totally. we need to have a protest against this sort of thing!

i'm still trying to figure out today's discourse because i can feel it in the air but have been able to mostly avoid it.

watching bridget jones' diary and wow please bring me back to 2001 :blobcrysob:

selfi, ec, wenbiesday 

Selfies | ec | Boosta+ 

I hope everyone's having a good day because this Monday is being a Very Monday Monday on this end. :blobweary:

i have to finish all the ink samples i have before i go and buy new ink. 

@Juju yes! and he made billy porter's tux gown at the oscars!

@generica maybe! i'm speaking for the new project runway, the season 17 one. they have new judges and everything feels a lot more progressive. i miss tim gunn, though, like a lot.

@Juju i'm watching season 17 which has new judges and christian siriano in the place of tim gunn. the new judges are balancing nina out (she's the only one left) and there are more poc among the contestants which seems to make it a lot less drama-filled. it took me a while to start this because i was getting tired of the old one but now i'm happy i finally did. i still miss tim gunn, though. he was the best project runway had to offer.

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