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Morning peeps ☕ 🍵 :blobcoffee:

I'll probably say good morning again later at around my usual time.

:bananachips: meta 

I can't even express how much I love Louis Prima's version of Pennies from Heaven. :hamsterdance:

if you're looking for a good calming tea, valerian nights from david's tea might be what you're looking for. no valerian taste or smell; it's a sweet, coconut-tasting infusion that works. :blobtea:

carnival row is a show that's better watched at night or in a dark room because it's broad daylight right now and i can barely see a thing on the tv screen. :blobglarecoffee:

There are days that make me feel as old as dust.

Am unfortunately stuck at work and can't go out to the climate strike. Solidarity to everyone who's out there striking! :solidarity:

this is the article that got me started on thinking about the luddites:

To decarbonize we must decomputerize: why we need a Luddite revolution

Cleaning my zoo keyboard was easily the most disgusting thing I've done all year.

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