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the current australian bachelor reminds me of a talking hand. (ec if googly eyes count!)

Saw this shirt and thought, maybe I should get this because I know I'm excellent but sometimes I can be salty. 😂

have a little pocket of joy 

This tree is flowering right outside my window. The living room smells fantastic. :blob_raccoon_melt:

there is a coffee place in thailand called "corgi in the garden". like a cat cafe, but CORGIS!

food rec 

it looks like they're cutting down the maple tree in the parking lot. :blobcry:

to those who like a good, nice soak in the tub, i totally recommend getting one of these overflow drain covers.

not only does it keep your water level high, it also keeps everything reeeeaaallly quiet.

here's a canadian long-eared owl looking at you because it's
(intense eye contact)

the response to "mastodon is crumbling"

doesn't look like it from here 🍹🍹

it must be hard to be mark l. walberg because people only see "mark walberg" and instantly assume they're going to see marky mark. and then they see this guy and 😞

i mean, i thought i was going to see marky mark.

(pic has ec)

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🍹🌴 a smol island in the sun 🌴🍹