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If you are in Canada (and also the US I think) and you have a library card, check out Your library might be registered with them and you’ll have access to hundreds of really good movies (award winners, festival stuff, documentaries, tons of foreign films).

Morning homies ☕️ 🍵 :blobcoffee:

It is just me or does 2020 already feel four months long?

Every time I see “kinder bueno” my mind translates it to “yummy children”. :blobhungry:

looking for vegetarian/minimal meat recipes because i would like to eat less meat this year, eat less junk and everything.

recommendations and recipes welcome, especially if it's your mom's/grandma's recipe.

It’s new year and abba is playing it’s super trooper and I hope you have a good year ahead, especially you @skwurl :abba_agnetha: :abba_benny: :abba_bjorn: :abba_annifrid:

I don’t want to say it too loud just in case but it looks like we’re going to survive the 2010s. :blobcat_thisisfine:

Baby Yoda needs a spin-off because I don’t really care what the Mandalorian does. :baby_yoda:

I doubt I’m going to make it to 300 movies by year’s end but wow I’ve watched a lot of movies this year! I’m at #278 right now.

Best movie I watched in 2019: Midsommar. :blobpopcorn:

Happy Christmas day, friends! ☕ 🍵 :blobcoffee:

Did you get something good?

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🍹🌴 a smol island in the sun 🌴🍹