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i just suddenly remembered that one of my most favourite toys ever was a doraemon periscope my dad gave me when i was three.

it's a rare day whenever i find something that gives me that much joy.


if you have some miso handy and you have a packet of the greatest supermarket instant noodles, shin ramyun black:

boil the noodles separately, following packet instructions (or about a minute or two less so they're chewier). place 550ml of water in a pot, place some miso in it (1 1/2 - 2 tbs) and let it mix well with the water. add about half of the soup base, to taste. when done, add noodles to the broth. add the rest of your yummy stuff: green onions, cooked egg, etc.

the current australian bachelor reminds me of a talking hand. (ec if googly eyes count!)

Saw this shirt and thought, maybe I should get this because I know I'm excellent but sometimes I can be salty. 😂

have a little pocket of joy 

@zoey @tzo in spanish, dogs bark "guau" which is the same word as "wow" that people use.

awesome comic strip by @pollomostro

there is a coffee place in thailand called "corgi in the garden". like a cat cafe, but CORGIS!

food rec 

this is probably the best non-special beef-flavoured ramen i've ever eaten.

it looks like they're cutting down the maple tree in the parking lot. :blobcry:

to those who like a good, nice soak in the tub, i totally recommend getting one of these overflow drain covers.

not only does it keep your water level high, it also keeps everything reeeeaaallly quiet.

here's a canadian long-eared owl looking at you because it's
(intense eye contact)

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🍹🌴 a smol island in the sun 🌴🍹