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i was looking for croquetas recipes and i ended up in pages upon pages of dog food reviews.

TIL kibble is croquetas in a lot of spanish-speaking countries.

for some odd reason, whenever i have about 10 seconds of nothing, i default to singing spinning around by kylie minogue.

what is going on

and here's the most joyful cover of yazoo's only you that i've ever heard. and surprise, surprise, I LOVE IT!

only you cover by choir! choir! choir!

patrick stewart really is one of the best of us humans. i love him. also, nobody knows how to write article tites anymore.

‘Star Trek: Picard’: Patrick Stewart on Why He Returned to the Final Frontier

i need more cartoons or animated movies where the main characters are animals acting like people instead of people. i'm just tired of people is all.

great read about garlic in italian cuisine. there's more to it than just putting garlic in every.single.thing.

"italy's great garlic divide"

i can't believe dr. pimple popper is on its fourth season already. :blobcatscream:

Morning tootsters ☕️ 🍵 :blobcoffee:
It’s finally FriYAY!

one more reason not to buy from amazon:

Why Your Amazon Purchase Could Come From the Garbage

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🍹🌴 a smol island in the sun 🌴🍹