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morning peeps! happy international non-binary day! :nonbinary_flag: ☕ 🍵 :blobcoffee:

if you haven't gotten it yet:

humblebundle's Be The Change book bundle that benefits black support organizations.

the walter mercado documentary (mucho, mucho amor) on netflix is so, so, so good!

you want to see a fabulous non-binary asexual person? this documentary is what you need to watch today.

and because fall out boy. this sounds like a legit new song.

let's get it started by black eyed peas but it's really dance dance dance by fall out boy

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another gem from last night's song mashups rabbit hole. this sounds so 2020.

rage against the machine's bulls on parade but it's stayin' alive by the beegees

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i have once again fallen into one of my favourite youtube rabbitholes which is song mashups and this is the best one yet! i have so many feels listening to it.

kids by mgmt but it's really september by earth wind and fire

takeo ischi is a yodeling machine! (yep, stuck in this youtube rabbit hole.)

Takeo Ischi - Einen Jodler hör ich gern

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i want to wake up with this much enthusiasm for life each morning!

Takeo Ischi / Ishii / 石井健雄 - New Bibi Hendl (Chicken Yodeling) Original

i don't know how i ended up here, but here, have some javanese singing roosters to wake you up today. they're having a contest.

the laughing cock contest

subatomic particles are non-binary :nonbinary_flag:

also the best, simplest explanation i've ever heard on what quantum physics is.

glamrou also wrote this accompanying piece on physics after that interview was aired:

The Physics That Underpin the Universe Aren't Binary—Why Would Gender Be?

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🍹🌴 a smol island in the sun 🌴🍹