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this is fucking delightful, i'm not even mad

Never Gonna Give You Up on Electric Toothbrushes


no, the goal should not be "to have bipoc mods", the goal is to be discerning enough to do the work yourself.

because we bipocs already have enough in our hands to deal with. nobody really wants volunteer to deal with more shit when the whites aren't learning to do it themselves. do it on your own time and quit passing on the burden of your racism and ignorance to us.

i don't know why i avoided selling sunset for so long. well, here i am binging it. :ohgod_ohfuck:

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want to know about black nova scotians? they have been around longer than canada.

Still Standing - East Preston, NS

i'm pretty sure i'll be obsessed with this that spotify will declare it my most played song of 2020. like boy with luv was my most played song of 2019.

dynamite - bts

this is easily the best cover of ed sheeran's shape of you i've ever heard :flan_thumbs:

Ndlovu Youth Choir - Shape of You Cover

i'm convinced than i really am my dog's sidekick rather than the other way around.

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🍹🌴 a smol island in the sun 🌴🍹