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i still keep on reading omnigraffle as omnigiraffe 🦒

this song inevitably comes after arrested development's tennessee

rebirth of slick - digable planets

i'm rewatching season 2 of the real world and wow, this played and it totally takes me back! also... i am still thirsty.

tennessee - arrested development

The Happiness Course: Here’s What Some Learned.

"It may seem simple, but it bears repeating: sleep, gratitude and helping other people."

link to course:

pet massage demo/tutorial. didn't expect to enjoy watching this good boi get relaxed this much. it's a really soothing video and i'm feeling better myself!

The Dogs That Grew Wool and the People Who Love Them

"Indigenous communities in the Pacific Northwest bred little, fluffy white dogs that provided for them, both materially and spiritually."

Starting a puzzle that I got myself as a reward for surviving a difficult week and for passing two exams. It’s a Eurographics one and I was hoping for it to be random cut but it’s ribbon cut (pieces are squarish and kind of cut on a grid) instead.

However, this is much nicer than the random cut one I have of the same brand. Edges are neat, no pieces stuck together, and virtually no puzzle dust.

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🍹🌴 a smol island in the sun 🌴🍹