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food question poll, please answer :blobcataww: 

do you finish all the broth when you eat noodle soup?

want to see some capybaras? there's a stream for that today! :capylovesyou:

the stream is to commemorate the Planet Zoo: Wetlands Animal Pack, and also benefits the Shepreth Wildlife Park where the capybaras being streamed live.

thank you @Juju !

etsy seller strike/customer boycott runs this whole week (11-18 april)!

transaction fees are going up for sellers by 30 percent (from 5% to 6.5%) beginning today.

more details on here:

and here:

mike de leon's citizen jake streaming free this weekend! (requires registration, but totally worth it.)

synopsis: The personal saga of a Filipino and his struggles with the contradictions within his own social class and the demands of a dysfunctional political family in a Third World nation.

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🍹🌴 a smol island in the sun 🌴🍹