Portland / bay area housing req 

Portland housing req 

Thanksgiving is a celebration of genocide, imperialism, the founding of a fascist state on stolen land. Fuck off.

Christmas is a consumerist pro capitalist holiday. If you strip that away you're left with a mish mash of pagan celebrations that christians stole that don't resemble what they were originally in any way. Christmas is pointless.

Labor day is in on the wrong day. Put it back on May Day and make it leftist as fuck. Actually don't even make it an official holiday, let's just fucking nobody show up for work and shut down everything.

Columbus day. Erase this fuck from history and celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day. Celebrate by returning stolen land.

Easter. No.

OK I'm all fired up let's sort this shit out. American holidays? Bullshit.

New Years day. The calendar we use is a colonial construct made by a pope. Fuck off.

MLK day, yeah let's keep this one but stop washing what he stood for, he was a radical socialist. Also where is Malcolm X day?

George Washington's birthday. He owned slaves. Fuck the fuck off.

Memorial day. Independence day. Veterans day. Abolish celebration of imperialism.

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Two of my favorite Twitch streamers (and lefty comrades) are raising money for Trans Lifeline over at twitch.tv/hcjustin and twitch.tv/unrulybabs and they're making me cry. :ancom: :transgender_flag:

Coming out, boosts welcome 

I've decided. Fuck getting makeup, imma work on my bicycle, maybe get a new saddle.

My problem is that I've never really wanted to wear makeup. I guess that makes me a... What's the term for a trans girl who is a tomboy?

Thinkin bout fuckin around and buying some makeup this weekend idk

you know, i wouldn't mind my chronic fucking anxiety if i got to have a cheat day. like every saturday I could think about whatever I want and not have to fucking worry about it. Then sunday i'm back on that anxiety diet for the week.

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no gods no masters no certificate authorities

Yes sir here are your prescriptions for estradiol and spironolactone is there anything else you need sir


Stardew Valley: chickens drop eggs
Me: ok
SV: ducks drop eggs and duck feathers
Me: sure
SV: and rabbits drop rabbit feet
Me: wait what

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Motherfucker slid into my DMs with a "hey bb". Had no idea what he was in for.

My ex just asked if I wanted to adopt two brother cats. I mean fuckin YEAH but this might not be the greatest time for such a thing.

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