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Please talk to me before you follow me! I am on Mastodon to make friends and be part of a community.

If I have no idea who you are I will not accept your follow request.


In good news, I found a really, really great Greek delivery place near my house. Mmm lemon potatoes

I should be working on my art during this quarantine, but I'm feeling so scattered and perfectionistic that all I can manage to do is rough sketching. It's extremely frustrating.

Last night was really lovely.

Some people snuck into the park near my house and set off hundreds and hundreds of fireworks, for almost 40 minutes. People all around the neighbourhood were cheering.

My landlords were away so I sat in the backyard and got drunk with a bunch of cats, watching the fireworks.


I took what I thought was a package of sausages out of the freezer and thought all day about a nice peppers and potatoes and onions and sausages dish I was gonna make tonight.

They were hot dogs.

I have literally zero mental capacity or patience right now for unkind behaviour.

Z e r o

Morning everyone!

I woke up exhausted with a headache, but I ordered a breakfast sammich and a giant coffee and I WILL BEAT THIS

The creator of "Speaking Moistly" has a new BANGER out called "Bunch of Yahoos."

I've watched it at least 100 times since last night.


It's time for a can of cider and a terrible action movie

I really really hope this online doctor thing sticks around after the lockdown is over.

I just had the easiest, fastest, friendliest doctor's appointment of my life.

Man, it's only 1pm and I already need a drink.

People are being so MEAN today


I have cracked the banana bread code!

I made these subs to a plain banana bread recipe and it is reliably divine:

4 large bananas
1/2 cup chopped dark chocolate
NO vanilla
Salted butter AND 1/2 tsp of salt

L'Eclair's performance on KEXP is really doing it for me right now. Perfect rainy Sunday night soundtrack.

😬 the longest part of my hair is now touching my waistband. I'm gonna look like a chonky Crystal Gayle at the end of quarantine.


(The Malaysian government has recommended women speak in a "Doraemon's voice" and giggle coyly so they don't hurt their husband's feelings. The video is Chelsia Ng demonstrating what a Doraemon voice sounds like.)

Dang it's cold out! brrrbrbrrbrr
I was not expecting -8 (w/wind chill) when I stepped outside.

What a shitty fucking year. I'm calling in sick and sulking for the rest of the day.

It's raining and cozy today :blobcatcomfcool:

I'm gonna bake a chicken for dinner later, but for now I'm going to make a cup of tea

Today and yesterday have been really hectic! I'm so glad it's Friday night, but now I don't know what to do. Haven't had time to think for 48 hrs.

This made me really happy. I think I will try to make one this weekend.
(maps that people have drawn of their smaller worlds during the pandemic)


My uncle has been in the hospital since Thursday - multiple heart attacks and then open heart surgery yesterday (after a ton of procedures). It's so hard because no one can be with him and he's too weak to hold a phone.

We got very good news about his recovery today, so I'm slowly letting out my breath.

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