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Please talk to me before you follow me! I am on Mastodon to make friends and be part of a community.

If I have no idea who you are I will not accept your follow request.

I'm going to make pot stickers for dinner. I want them NOW but know I should wait until dinner time.


I've been playing a game called Kind Words.

It's not really a game. People post their worries and questions, and respond to others. You aren't allowed to be mean or critical! The goal of the game is just to vibe to the music, trade stickers, and be nice to your fellow players.

I'm trying to make myself like Bridgerton. It's not working.

"Will you marry me?"
"You will marry him!"
"I shall never marry you!"
"I shall never marry!"
*concerned face*
*angry face*
*teary eyes*
x 200000000000000000000


You know you're getting old when you manage to pull a muscle by shivering. SHIVERING.

I just learned about the Cefaly from Metafilter. ( It helps relieve headaches and migraines by stimulating the trigeminal nerve in the middle of the forehead.

Does this mean that there was something to Head On this whole time?!!

I strongly dislike this surrealist Little House on the Prairie clothing trend. Very few people are buying and wearing these clothes, and those who are will throw them out in about 6 months. It's wasteful af.

Also can we please have jeans that actually hit at the ankle again? Please?

Cat is refusing all of my part time job suggestions

I woke up and everything hurts. I can barely use my mouse! Who even knows what I did to myself.

Bright side: I took the day off sick so now I can sulk with a heating pad and watch Biden's inauguration

new favourite quarantine activity: get real stoned, put on Sade's Diamond Life, dance around with a rhythmic gymnastics ribbon while Cat jumps and flips in the air


Eek there are some cases of COVID-19 in my building. They're disinfecting the entire place top to bottom and we're not allowed to go into the common areas today.

I'm so glad I'd already taped up my kitchen vent. I did my bathroom vent this morning.

My boss has the same meeting with me every 3 months. They excitedly propose the same things every meeting, I do the work, they don't follow through, and then we have the same meeting again. :cactuar:

do you think there's such a thing as a cooperative game for humans and cats?

Oh wow. I am completely ignorant about puzzles; I had NO IDEA you could get ones like this.

US pol, hate 

PS: Canadians are involved in this shit, too. Helping with the plans, sending money south, all of it.

US pol, hate 

Of the 100 Twitter accounts I've reported since Wednesday, only one has been banned. And that was a leftist calling for sexual violence against female Republican reps. The 99 other accounts were all white supremacists and they're still tweeting out mountains of hate as well as instructions to their followers on how to plan for a new insurrection in secret.

It literally just occurred to me yesterday that some people might talk to me because they enjoy talking to me, not because it's a chore they have to get out of the way.* My whole life I've been summarising my thoughts into quick bites and disengaging from conversations quickly because I thought it would be kind to end their discomfort quickly. The end result of this is that people think *I* don't want to talk to *them* and now I have no one to have interesting conversations with!

*this is different from people using me to dump their life stories and problems on which is not really a conversation imo.

Tiny Pretty Thing is SO BAD and yet I binge watched the whole season.

Us Pol 


People everywhere are just losing their minds with joy. My dad is messaging me Twitter screenshots (that he gets from Facebook 😂 ) and my mum messaged me, "that a-hole is finally gone!"


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