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I'm very pretty. And powerful. And I should show that off more. I get wrapped up in my anxiety a lot and it feels nice to be admired and appreciated by friend and foe alike.

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Hello, I'm mostly Avery :moomin_butterfly:, sometimes Melrose 🌺. I'm a trans girl in the Northeast US.
I do engineering, machining, and community projects. I also do short fiction writing, tabletop roleplaying, and enjoy cooking.

Remaking my cause there's new people and my previous one was like 2 years old.

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My page is now officially my ongoing writing portfolio! If you'd like to read my short stories, please visit:

I will also upload any future writings here and keep this pinned.

doing gender in the parking lot selfie (cw: eye contact) 


I like how the librarian's first thought upon encountering a bat on a library shelf was "I have just the book for this!!!"

Stella boy mode selfie no ec 

This is how boys dress, right?

Waiting for nails to dry is always the most difficult part I always smush them while the top coat is setting.
Trying to be very careful...

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Usa economics 

Legally extort money from retirement funds and transfer it to rich people.
Aka: The stock market.

If minimum wage in Portland were to keep up with rent costs for entry level apartments (such that 30% of income went to just rent), then the current minimum wage would be $34.65 an hour.

Wife of a country singer makes anti-trans jab; another country singer, Maren Morris, calls her out on it. Tucker Carlson weighs in, calling Maren a "lunatic country music person".

Maren then used that quote on a t-shirt, with all proceeds going to Trans Lifeline and GLAAD.

"Just two hours later, Morris said the shirt had raised $63,000, and on Saturday, she said the total had surpassed $100,000."

Praxis. =:D

bisexuality is way more fun than lambda calculus

Need financial help/mutual aid, please boost 

Hi! Sorry for doing one of those again, I know I shouldn’t feel bad but I really don’t like it, I know it’s only been a few weeks. I’ve gotten just enough last time to cover rent so that’s the most important, but I’m running low on funds right now to buy food for me and my boyfriend. I work full-time but since it’s an apprenticeship, I am paid just below minimum wage.

My electricity bill just tripled, I should’ve switched providers but apparently I messed up some administrative forms and the new contract is not into effect. The bill from my old provider just got debited from my bank account and I’m overdrafted.

I need 60€ to fill up my overdraft and 100€ or more on top of that would help us keep up with food until I get paid in 1 or 2 weeks.

Any amount would help reach that goal would be great, so consider donating!

You can donate through PayPal or Stripe (card) on my Ko-Fi:
I prefer PayPal because the money reaches me instantly, but use what’s most convenient to you.

Even if you don’t donate because you can’t or don’t want to, a boost helps a lot! So please consider doing that.

Thank you.

I think a lot about how white fatalism permeates tech, expressed as 'the crunch,' which describes the torturous conclusion of a software project to get it over the finish line. As if suffering increases the quality of the product and should be looked at as a badge of honor.

In reality, the best work is produced when one has their needs met and has space to have a life away from work.

I think a lot about how much we've accepted suffering as a necessary part of our existence instead of something we could alleviate with a bit of cooperation.

*an intricate system of pulleys and marbles that ends by unfurling a tiny ribbon with "fuck you" embroidered on it* 

rude goldberg machine

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