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I'm very pretty. And powerful. And I should show that off more. I get wrapped up in my anxiety a lot and it feels nice to be admired and appreciated by friend and foe alike.

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Hello, I'm mostly Avery :moomin_butterfly:, sometimes Melrose 🌺. I'm a trans girl in the Northeast US.
I do engineering, machining, and community projects. I also do short fiction writing, tabletop roleplaying, and enjoy cooking.

Remaking my cause there's new people and my previous one was like 2 years old.

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My page is now officially my ongoing writing portfolio! If you'd like to read my short stories, please visit:

I will also upload any future writings here and keep this pinned.

#Inktober Day 6: Scales

I left it for too late in the day and didn't feel like putting much effort into it. I need to start doing it earlier in the day.

#jutober #artober

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short windows = creative skelly placement. also Mike's face here is perfect lol

i dont want a "job" or a "career". i want a nap and a small kiss on the forehead

Sick of seeing in the gm notes "the players can roleplay here if they want or just move on" the players should never be able to just move on you WILL roleplay it is a ROLE PLAYING GAME

Public Posting?
There are people out there who might see it! :blobcatgooglytrash:

My friend, watching me doodle this in a panel: "So are these specific homosexuals, or...?"

I start teaching again this week, and I'm totally not nervous about it at all! :blobcatsweats:

hocus pocus 2 

I still think it's extremely funny how similar this was to the fear street series, and the more I think about it the more exhausted I am with Disney's current push to redeem their characters who make questionable or bad moral choices. Babes they kill children, we don't need a redemption arc, let kids enjoy characters who do bad things without pasting on a tragic backstory that makes it justifiable, can you see how this is a worse message

i have no idea what i’m doing and you can’t stop me

i found a pain scale designed by a person with chronic pain and realized that I've been under-rating my pain for years

I've been reporting a level of 6 as a 3, and anything under a 4 as zero because other pain scales are like "8 is {injury I've never experienced} and 4 is {other thing I've never experienced}" 🫠

here's the one that works for me:

#ChronicPain #disability

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🍹🌴 a smol island in the sun 🌴🍹