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Wait, is this an toot?
The answer might surprise you!

My name's Avery! I'm a Trans Girl living around the Boston area in the US.
I do metalworking and build engines, I play a lot of D&D and board games, and I cook a bunch of different foods!

Welcome new people of Mastodon!
Or just Hi to anybody who already follows me or see this as my Pinned Toot. :blobcatuwu:

sometimes I wonder why some cis women creep me out, and then I see stuff like this

Workout adj. 

My gym actually sells tank tops that say "I'm a Bad Ass with a Great Ass!" And now I'm thinking I should totally buy one of those... :blobcatsip:

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Workout Selfie, ec 

Me on the couch: "Uhff, I'm worried I'll never be comfortable with myself."

Me after the gym: "I am a Sexy Motherfucker with a Great Ass!"

so! there's an open room in my apartment in Somerville MA available 9/1! rent is $950/month. the available bedroom has a parking space and a walk in closet! i like this apartment a lot, it's a nice place. it has its own free laundry, a good sized kitchen, and a dishwasher! a more official writeup with pictures and more details is in the link.

please boost this post, and message me if you have any interest in the room, thanks :blobcatheart: :boost_requested:

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Pros of rarely checking facebook these days: your skin is clear, your crops are thriving
Cons: you can’t stop your friends from sliding into funko hell until it’s too late

Saw this today and I can’t explain why I thought it was so funny.

fuck you abbott you piece of fucking shit. you could have done this from the beginning but in an effort to appease trump and big businesses not only did you not enforce this, but you prevented cities and counties in your state from enforcing these measures.

if there is a hell I hope you rot in it

*built on and continuing to enact indigenous genocide

canada is not cuddly. canada is not the better alternative to the united states. trudeau is not a good person or even particularly better than your average neolib politician. racism of all stripes is alive and well here, both covert and overt. the record on queer rights is equally bleak. its a neoliberal hellscape and you shouldn't look to it as a goal state.

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it's like astronomically fucked up to drug test your employees for literally any reason

If Christine and K.I.T.T. dated they'd be like Scarlet Witch and Vision but as cars.

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🍹🌴 a smol island in the sun 🌴🍹