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Wait, is this an toot?
The answer might surprise you!

My name's Avery! I'm a Trans Girl living around the Boston area in the US.
I do metalworking and build engines, I play a lot of D&D and board games, and I cook a bunch of different foods!

Welcome new people of Mastodon!
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that town in Footloose was 100% right when they banned dancing. they pinpointed the underlying structural cause of criminal activity

USPol, Inaugeration Day, firearms 

roughly 72 hours out from the exchange of power between the Trump and Biden administrations.

lots of people are reporting their cities and towns are sold out of ammunition. ammo has been in short supply since Feb or March 2020 due to Pandemic Panic but a sharp uptick around the time of the insurrection was also noted. even in this very safe, blue part of texas we are sold out of ammo.

please, please, if you can help it at all please get your groceries now, or tomorrow, and be ready to bunker down if you live in a big city. don't use delivery apps on the 20th if you can help it, as doing so puts drivers in danger.

if 2020 has taught us anything, its that there's no limit to the cruelties that can be brought down on us. now is not the time to be saying "that cant happen here".

Normalising cis people changing their name 1/2 

Been given a name at birth should be just that, your birth name, with the idea that as people get older, if they feel another name suits them better, for whatever reason, it’s ok to change it. That caregivers/parents don’t own you and your name. It’s up to you, it’s your identity.

I say this because I believe it, and because yes, I’m cis and I have changed my name, both first and surname*. This was back in 1985, the day after I turned 18 (I couldn’t do it on the day because workmates took me out to lunch). It wasn’t the done thing, but it was incredibly important to me as it was part of me defining my identity that wasn’t based on other people decisions, rules, perceptions etc. And it really helped me forging my own path.

After all, lots of cis women changing their surname upon marriage has been around for some time and no-one is bothered about that. So why should it matter if you change your first and/or surname?

As others have said, it’s ok to change your name. Let’s normalise the shit out of this.

#NameChange #CisPeopleCanChangeTheirNameToo

Selfie, EC 

Since I don't post pics anymore, but in case you forgot...

I'm 36 and fine af

An accurate and quite hard-to-read article from June 2020.

Content note: Sympathetic discussion of transphobia.


Inside the Great British TERF War

This is how the debate over human rights for transgender people ended up dominating mainstream media, poisoning newsrooms and dividing British feminism |


“Ugh I’ll go out of business if I have to pay my employees $15/h.”

Homophobic that I don't have ice cream tonight.🍦

block rec, racism, anti-semitism 

I mean, this shit just writes itself.

poa dot st - whole instance seems full of shit.


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