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Wait, is this an toot?
The answer might surprise you!

My name's Avery! I'm a Trans Girl living around the Boston area in the US.
I do metalworking and build engines, I play a lot of D&D and board games, and I cook a bunch of different foods!

Welcome new people of Mastodon!
Or just Hi to anybody who already follows me or see this as my Pinned Toot. :blobcatuwu:

i always fav bot posts when i boost them bc i think bots deserve to feel good too

I keep forgetting I still owe money to Planned Parenthood for medical care so if anyone wouldn't mind chipping in, I feel bad asking for money but I'm running out and I am still trying to find a job

Venmo @xenocat

#mutualaid #begpost

socialism is when there's a girl in my bed, and when there's multiple girls in my bed, that's communism. when there's no girls in my bed that's fascism

trans lesbians are allowed to joke about feminizing straight men. as retribution for straight men commenting "I can turn her straight" to lesbians

I literally just saw a rags to riches story where the guy invested $250,000

Like, if you have access to a quarter mil, it’s riches to riches

Okay, hear me out!
Women,,, with Horns,,,,,,,, :blobcatblush:

EU Politics, Covid vaccines 

There's a petition to try and make the EU commission do everything in its power to make vaccines a global public good.

Please sign and share!

We need 1m signatures and 7 countries reaching the threshold.

Italy and Ireland are close to reaching that threshold. France and Spain do not miss too many signatures to reach it too.

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