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My page is now officially my ongoing writing portfolio! If you'd like to read my short stories, please visit:

I will also upload any future writings here and keep this pinned.

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Wait, is this an toot?
The answer might surprise you!

My name's Avery! I'm a Trans Girl living around the Boston area in the US.
I do metalworking and build engines, I play a lot of D&D and board games, and I cook a bunch of different foods!

Welcome new people of Mastodon!
Or just Hi to anybody who already follows me or see this as my Pinned Toot. :blobcatuwu:

Cyberpunk RED 

Running the TTRPG game has been fun, if a bit annoying with some rules/skills being useless or impossible.

But now I want to be a player in it cause after seeing the gunplay in practice I made myself a melee focused character who can dodge bullets and I really wanna try her out!!

Put her on the floor and went to light some lanterns. Came back and... Of course. `

A kitty I was commissioned for a surprise gift! It arrived so I can share it now

School + 

The professional writing tutor keeps telling me I write very good papers and I'm proud of that! :blobcatuwu:

Urgent! TW: assault and trans misogyny


Kit has been attacked by her roommate, misgendered, and is currently in prison because of wrongful charges filed by her roommate. Bail amd immediate housing are vital for her, as her… More safety is as risk. Please contribute and amplify as much as possible!

We're trying to raise at least 150 for bail funds.


Anything you can send would be extremely helpful.

Cash app: $yesinia1

Writing up a material safety data sheet for my gender
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