Tech Question, Home Server 

Hey, I'm thinking of buying a ~$200 little fanless PC to run as an anyways on home server. Anything in particular I should know about specs or requirements?

I'm pretty much looking for something that can host a Mastodon / Minecraft / etc server so I can keep them running without letting my PC go 24/7.


Tech Question, Home Server 

@Wayril Minecraft needs a surprising amount of horsepower, even for a headless server. I've got a quad-core i5 that shows occasional lag in a single minecraft instance when sharing with an idle mastodon instance. (I'm looking at moving everything over to minetest instead, as it seems to need less resources, or at least cope better with the lack)


Tech Question, Home Server 

@tithonium I was reading something to a similar effect. For the cost of running and startup, I'm feeling renting is probably much more cost effective.

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