Well if you want some weird news, this happened in my state primary elections this past week:
"Trans Satanist Anarchist wins Republican nomination for New Hampshire county Sheriff after running unopposed"

@cadence oh no do you have a source? The yellow A does look sus

@dragon (despite being daily mail this has lots of info and isn't bigoted?)

> Initially, Free Keene began as an offshoot of the Free State Project of Libertarians, but the Free State Project has since distanced itself from Free Keene.
> According to Huston, DiMezzo ran as a Republican because she was unable to get onto the Libertarian Party’s ballot.


@dragon @cadence It's New Hampshire libertarians.

They're somehow a tiny bit less harmful than libertarians elsewhere, but also incredibly weird.

@greatjoe @dragon @cadence I think that might be because "Yankees" if I can use that term have always been kind of live-and-let-live, and that seems to adapt itself to a libertarian-esque philosophy. And also yes we have a lot of genuine cranks here for sure.

@BustaMarx @greatjoe @cadence I'm not sure you can "live and let live" and also support capitalism but go off I guess

@BustaMarx @dragon @cadence
Like I said, their positions aren't built on anything except freedom absolutism. That does mean all kinds of peoples' right to exist, it also means arming the proletariat, it also means nobody has to say if the milk they're selling has been pasteurised.

It's super weird, and sometimes bad.

@Wayril okay seriously digging her pentagram strap top, and yessss to leftists co-opting disorganized local GOP machinery

@Wayril This could be the greatest moment in the history of New Hampshire politics.

@BustaMarx it's just a shame I can't vote on that county lol!

@Wayril @amandag on the one hand, i stan

on the other, jfc it sucks that all the press coverage I can find is from the right wing noise machine :-/

@Wayril @amandag ... oh. it’s because she’s a libertarian. le sigh.

@mxsparks @amandag Yeah she's been up front about that position. But I still appreciate the the 'Fuck You' directed at both the GOP and the DNC.

@mxsparks @Wayril @amandag Fuck. Well, I mean at least it's better than an old white dude.

@Wayril so I got into an argument with someone on Twitter over this. I think it's cool that she's trolling the system so hard and if she actually wins the sheriff would have the power to lay off the force, direct officers to stop enforcing laws. What do you think?

@peacelovememes I don't totally agree with the libertarian ideology/agenda, but I would probably vote for her over the encumbant Democrat candidate if i could.

Policies of not pursuing people over drugs and sex work are great, and any decrease in police power is a positive.

This county includes Keen, which has a spotty police history especially in the last several years. There was backlash to them buying MRAPs a few years ago and increased militarization.

@Wayril wow, finally a Republican candidate who isn’t literally the worst people on earth, and in 2020 no less.

@Wayril by weird news you mean awesome wonderful news that I wish there was more of in 2020 then yes I want some weird news

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