Give me advice on body mods! 

I want piercings, but what to get??
I want to do traditional ears but there's always more too. I'm fond of multiple rings on the upper ear portions.
Suggestions and comments welcome!

@Wayril for ears take a look at:

Septum rings look great on just about anyone.

Nostril piercings can be nice and subtle.

Lip rings are fun, top lip (philtrum) is cute.

@MxKris hi Kris!
I'll keep stuff out of my mouth, I feel like I have enough accidents biting myself accidentally.

Industrial and Nostril are right up my alley! If I did a septum I'd do a more subtle one.

Give me advice on body mods! 

@Wayril i did an upper ear one and unfortunately fucked up on the healing process and let it close up. i enjoyed it while it was there and would probably do it again. i also am a fan of multiple lobe piercings:

Give me advice on body mods! 

@June I want that but upper ear!

Give me advice on body mods! 

@Wayril earlobes heal much quicker than cartilage (6 to 8 weeks vs 6 months to a year) so try getting your earlobes pierced first and see how well you deal with the whole healing process before moving on to cartilage piercings. Also you can just get ear cuffs and fake piercings if you don't want to get your cartilage pierced.

Give me advice on body mods! i have my upper ear (cartilage) pierced and, well, glad i started there and wish i had stopped there too!

since it's through not-quite-bone it takes a while to heal, and it was several more months until i could tolerate headphones again, probably a full year. nowadays it's totally worry free and has been for 20 years.

if this would be your first piercings ever, pick up a titanium ring along with the stainless horseshoe (or whatever) they give you. some folks (*waves*) have a reaction to stainless steel but it takes a while to present itself so best to have something on hand to swap to just in case.

if you don't know any pierces already, DO shop around and chat with them! they tend to be a pretty chill crowd

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