Y'all, human body is so boring why can't hrt give me some other cool stuff??

@00dani I have hoofs every other Wednesday when I'm a centaur! :blobcataww:

@Wayril tedious, i tell you, to not have bright scales that glitter under the moonlight. tedious!! and what about the big tail that go swish?

@Wayril tbh i've always found the human body very boring-looking

especially white human bodies (which i have), like, dark skin at least has some nice undertones to it, it can be reddish or bluish in the light

being a weird pale-peach mass is just. ugnh

@monsterblue @Wayril

very long tail, go whippy
extra arms
lots of shiny metallic smooth scales (black, purple, blue)

meatsack is crude, has none of these things

edit: forgot to say the meatsacks arent very big either, they cant step on anything or eat very much of anything.

@Drako_Fenris @Wayril tail go whippy is absolutely the nonhuman version of skirt go spinny

also oooh metallic smooth scales yes good

@Wayril i just want to be sneaky and tiny thats all 😭 think of the chaos i could induce

@Wayril I want FINS I want SCALES I want a giant TAIL -Isla

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