When your textbook is written by TechBros, but they want to assure you that they're still Woke...

Workout Selfie, ec 

Me on the couch: "Uhff, I'm worried I'll never be comfortable with myself."

Me after the gym: "I am a Sexy Motherfucker with a Great Ass!"

Selfie, ec 

Woo, new haircut! Got the back so my hair isn't sitting/curling on my shoulders anymore, hopefully it all keeps growing in together.

Check out this amazing fabric pattern I got for a pillow! :blobcatsurprised:

Pic of Me, ec 

This mini Polaroid turned out really cute!

Hey, looks like SCOTUS ruled to include Gay and Transgender people under Title VII protections!!
Picture from Birdsite :birdsite:

My friend bought me a new dice bag for my birthday and it's legitimately the Cutest thing on the planet!!

Selfies, ec 

Put some red in my hair today, subtle but good!

These little scrap-material owls were the Cutest Things Ever!!

Very Lazy Selfie (ec) 

I'm not up for much of anything today I think. :ablobcatcoffee:

Making a joke to somebody about the Zora Price from BOTW and I just noticed what his name is... :blobcatthinkOwO:

Bird Pics 

I was greeted by a cardinal when I got home from work yesterday!


My friend has gotten really good results with her printer, the resolution looks great!

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My friend: *Buys a 3D Resin Printer*
Me: *Furiously starts designing minis*

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