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slasher thread 🔪 🧵 

Okay I am starting over as a thread to pin so I can keep updating it!! I started enjoying slashers fairly recently and I am watching as many as possible, especially iconic ones but also lesser known ones!!

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Shall I do a wee ? Let’s do this. I have never done this on mastodon so hoping I do this ok.

Hi, I’m Céleste, I am 28yo, I am french and I come from a very rural area, where champagne is made, I lived in a 200-inhabitant village for the entirety of my childhood. I have moved to lovely Edinburgh in Scotland about 5 years ago, where I’ve been working as a full-stack software developer in a tiny agency.

My interests are quite varied, but main points of it feature: makeup (including video and imagery creation surrounding it, I have a YouTube channel and an Instagram account), video games (currently, FFXIV, Satisfactory and the odd indie game every now and then), food (especially veggie and vegan things) and music (a LOT of eclectic things, from pop to post black metal).

Some random things I love: tea (earl grey with a generous dash of oat milk), drag artists, mushrooms (I was obsessed with them as a child for some reason), alternative fashion & aesthetics, chaotic random funny memes and videos (I have weird infectious laughs (laughs becauseI have a lot of variations of them)), roller coasters.

It’s lovely to be here and I cannot wait to chat some more with yall!!

It’s nice and cold in the dinbrah but nice and dry, my ideal weather!!

there’s one particular reason that I don’t want to leave Scotland and it’s the people’s ability to respect queues lol

sweet food 

Graham bought me the advent calendar of my dreams (a maltesers one) but I am very disappointed to see that the chocolates are not maltesers except for the 24th one, how outrageous

medication journal, day 7-8 | food mention 

sorry folks, i haven't reported, been busy and not much to report tbh. Overall, I think I figured out what this medication/dose combo did, and didn't do for me.
I think it alleviates a lot of depression symptoms I have. I do not feel tired, I do not have too much head anxiety, I feel calm, relaxed, not restless, I have pleasure in my activities again, and I can gain motivation to do tasks. I do not over-eat. Pretty much every day this week, I did not get this horrid fatigue that I can feel creating tension above my eyebrows (weird specific feeling but yeah).

However, I suspect that the dose is not sufficient to tackle ADHD symptoms, and that's why I noticed them more, they were not exarcebated by my usual chronic depression + SAD but still there. I am still late, I still jungle between tasks, I still struggle with focus on particularly boring tasks and I still struggle focusing on conversations in public in particular. But they're not as unbearable as they usually are.

So I look forward to seeing the psychiatrist to discuss this, but I am very hopeful for my mental health future

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This is drag.
I wear it to get less (predictable) commentary on my appearance.

eye contact, selfies 

ah yes, grungy olive eyes with a rusty brown lip and peach blush, a very different look for me /s

Breaking Bad, but it's two trans people cooking HRT in the RV

medication journal, day 6 

By the way, I am sorry I keep repeating myself I think. But I guess it’s important for me to notice patterns of thoughts and stuff

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