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Shall I do a wee ? Let’s do this. I have never done this on mastodon so hoping I do this ok.

Hi, I’m Céleste, I am 28yo, I am french and I come from a very rural area, where champagne is made, I lived in a 200-inhabitant village for the entirety of my childhood. I have moved to lovely Edinburgh in Scotland about 5 years ago, where I’ve been working as a full-stack software developer in a tiny agency.

My interests are quite varied, but main points of it feature: makeup (including video and imagery creation surrounding it, I have a YouTube channel and an Instagram account), video games (currently, FFXIV, Satisfactory and the odd indie game every now and then), food (especially veggie and vegan things) and music (a LOT of eclectic things, from pop to post black metal).

Some random things I love: tea (earl grey with a generous dash of oat milk), drag artists, mushrooms (I was obsessed with them as a child for some reason), alternative fashion & aesthetics, chaotic random funny memes and videos (I have weird infectious laughs (laughs becauseI have a lot of variations of them)), roller coasters.

It’s lovely to be here and I cannot wait to chat some more with yall!!

demain (tomorrow) stream makeup (makeup stream) et (and)…

i don't know what's up with french speakers and political spectrum designations but:

  • there is such a thing as a leftist, but there's no such thing as a "rightist". think about how you would say "gauchiste" but not "droitiste"
  • if someone is "right-winged" they have a wing on the right side of their body, which makes them a cousin to sephiroth but doesn't indicate their politics. it's right-winger.

zoomez pour lire l'histoire des bougies chirac des pièces jaunes

je tente aussi @OCRbot

actually some positivity in negativity 

I’ve seen this reel this morning reminding the viewer that it is perfectly normal and actually the correct reaction to feel completely burnt out from everything and honestly it realy reassured me because I thought I was just failing at getting better

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Some period tracking apps will share your data. Stay safe, use one from @fdroidorg without Internet permission.

Possible options are:
drip (safest!)

All of these apps don't ask for internet permission and thus can't share your data. Drip goes the extra mile and explicitly opts out of Android's backup framework so your data won't be backed up on Google servers.

Please boost for those who need it!

I will try to be better at specifying if the stream is in French or in English similarly to what @Siph does (thanks for the tip) using [FR] or [EN] in the title

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happy fucking pride, yall (selfies, eye contact, the maximum amount of tit displayable without the dread female-presenting nipple)

asking trans people "if gender isn't real, why do you want to be the other gender so bad" is like asking people "if rent shouldn't exist, why do you want rent control so badly": because we live in a society that violently enforces gender, and that makes it real. asking trans people, and only them, to pretend like gender doesn't matter, while everyone around us keeps hurting us for it, isn't fair. it's like asking tenants to not give a shit about rent while their landlord is trying to evict them.

i met a pal to catch up and i think it reconciled me with social relationships

Aujourd'hui pour #LesSansPagEs, j'ai créé la page Wikipédia de Sana Amanat, qui a été rédactrice sur des séries de comics Marvel (Captain Marvel, Hawkeye, Miss Marvel) et qui est co-productrice de la série Miss Marvel !

C'était quasiment que de la traduction mais ça m'a pris du temps de tout mettre en ordre ! Enfin, une bonne chose de faite \o/
(et n'hésitez pas à modifier si vous voyez des choses à changer)

Yes older people tend to be more right wing but there's a systemic reason to that: poor people die sooner

It's also voting tendencies of the general population. It does not reflect the ruling class, nor does it address the oppressive dynamics that make our capitalistic systems what they are

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made a post on a local queer internet forum attempting to incite a riot over roe v Wade and now undercover cops posing as drug dealers are messaging me

Glasgow really is an amazing city. Some guy really thought “what if a motorway was going through the middle of the city??” and went with it, king of urbanism

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🍹🌴 a smol island in the sun 🌴🍹