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Shall I do a wee ? Let’s do this. I have never done this on mastodon so hoping I do this ok.

Hi, I’m Céleste, I am 28yo, I am french and I come from a very rural area, where champagne is made, I lived in a 200-inhabitant village for the entirety of my childhood. I have moved to lovely Edinburgh in Scotland about 5 years ago, where I’ve been working as a full-stack software developer in a tiny agency.

My interests are quite varied, but main points of it feature: makeup (including video and imagery creation surrounding it, I have a YouTube channel and an Instagram account), video games (currently, FFXIV, Satisfactory and the odd indie game every now and then), food (especially veggie and vegan things) and music (a LOT of eclectic things, from pop to post black metal).

Some random things I love: tea (earl grey with a generous dash of oat milk), drag artists, mushrooms (I was obsessed with them as a child for some reason), alternative fashion & aesthetics, chaotic random funny memes and videos (I have weird infectious laughs (laughs becauseI have a lot of variations of them)), roller coasters.

It’s lovely to be here and I cannot wait to chat some more with yall!!

non veggie food joke 

happy burns night!! poor wee haggis are getting served tonight 😔

Ma mère disais souvent en finissant une tâche "ce qui est fait n'est plus à faire" et je sais que ma grand-mère l'utilisait aussi souvent et c'est vraiment le modo inofficiel de l'adhd je trouve


ive managed to take care of myself even though i felt like shit, i am trying to pretend that I am trying to care for my very good friend except it is me so I do nice things for myself and I managed to do a lot of tasks. I didn’t clean my makeup brushes even though I was planning on because it’s going to be too long for tonight but I can do that tomorrow which means I will be able to do makeup this week and make me feel good

Bon j'ai développé une allergie à mon maquillage habituel, mais ça me soule ++ de pas pouvoir me maquiller, est-ce que vous avez des conseils de marque pour les yeux fragiles/peau sensible ? Surtout du mascara et du crayon/eyeliner en priorité merci 🙏
(partage autorisé et apprécié)


an insta mutual that I’ve been chatting with suggested going to a club night (which actually is another friend’s djing night) and I’d like to go but I’ve always been bad at going clubbing because I’m so tired and there are too many noise but especially with covid I’m even more scared to go and I have even more social anxiety than before but it could be a way for me to try and have fun after struggling for 2 years so I don’t know

my terfy ex friend, mental health 

Y’all. Do you remember my ex-friend that terfed out to me a year and a half ago, causing partially me spiralling into a depressive state which recurring inability to trust any new friends?

Latest word is, he is pretending like he changed and that he wasn’t himself, and he recently blamed his entire behaviour on having a psychotic episode.

How far he can get to avoid any sort of accountability is really impressing me.

GREECE OUT HERE LIKE "flowers on my dick and bees all around" and MEANWHILE IN PORTUGAL "I'm pooping on this"

cardboard ducks, frostbitten onions, and my personal favorite "it hurts me in the lighthouse" (but I cannot tell what country that is because it is too crowded)

hahahaha I love this world sometimes


Still so overjoyed about this!! I cannot wait to share more, I’ve got some really cool stuff coming

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imma getting me booster today so I should be very booster


Y’all!! This screenshot made it to Coffee Stain’s community highlight in this week’s stream!! My friend clipped it, it was short but it made me feel so proud

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🍹🌴 a smol island in the sun 🌴🍹

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