one of the nice things about snow is being able to see who's been visiting in the neighbourhood

really need to use my proper camera more often again, phone camera is 🥔

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mythological creatures 

TIL about skvader¹, the swedish version of a wolpertinger²

(CW for taxidermied animals in both links)




Der Pfeil zeigt zum Pforzheimer Stampfpfaffen

*scratches on couch to imitate our cats*

hey, this is actually fun


om nåt är likgiltigt gäller det bara skelett 💀

food misinfo 

edamame is short for edible amame

the way little bean is curled up next to the couch doesn't look very comfy to me but i'll let her be the judge of that.

the sky wasn't grey slush for the first time in over a week so we took a walk. here are some fog pictures. 🌫️ 🌲

food adj 

> Tahin Halva in Kunststoffschale mit Schnappranddeckel

tyskarna är återigen kreativa med förpackningsbeteckningar


also ideally the info should include just how much effort and how many extra components (such as materials and tools) it takes to repair a thing. removing a couple of screws and connectors is different than needing to solder or having access to a fully equipped workshop, for example.

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🍹🌴 a smol island in the sun 🌴🍹