Aaahhhh my local PBS affiliate needs to stop sending me mail. STOP. I already have y'all's business cards and phone numbers in my damn phone

Did my nails hot pink partially to swatch and partially bc it's hot so gotta do a summer nail

im so happy that the dems are making sure the fascist american colonial plantation project bans juuls to protect our health

Keep Your Abortion Private & Secure
We’re happy you’re here to learn more about digital security & abortion!

Wow, Night Vale is 10 years old?

It feels like a short while ago when I was riding the bus home in the dark, staring into the nothingness of the plains, listening to Night Vale. Then I moved to Desert Bluffs, and now I live in a big city...

I always feel accomplished after doing Wordle and Waffle

The problem with rainbow bagels is that they are not made by people that make good bagels

I should look for a book series like this for Spanish. I try reading tweets from queer Mexicans but it's tricky. I think short stories for grade schoolers is a bit easier on me...

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I got a book of 3 minute short stories in Japanese. There's a whole series of them, with a different theme to each book. This one is "no way!" I found this in the kids section of the bookstore.

It turns out that 3 minute stories take me about 15-30 minutes to read, and I like reading aloud so thankfully my partner is downstairs so I am reading haltingly to myself. It's short enough that I can keep focus, unlike the time I tried reading a whole novel just bc I was able to get through the first chapter.

kinda happy with the citypop / late 70s adult contemporary turn that went

I impulse bought a Velveeta branded nail polish set. I was horrified and excited so naturally I had to get it.

You *may* think this is a Jerry Sue (or whatever the inverse of a Mary Sue is), but actually I am pudgy and my grandma has advised me to have no more than 1 kid and is uncomfortable with anything more complex than a cordless phone (which she dislikes).

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Why did I watch the trailer for a movie called "Bros" when it's not super bromantic and it's two white dudes. I want the lead to be a neurotic skinny PoC whose mom both nags him about kids and that he need to eat more via FaceTime

NLQRI is putting out a general call for any old pictures, documents, or anecdotes related to LGBTQ2s+ life in Newfoundland and Labrador throughout our history. If you want to contribute you can send an email to us here:

Uncommon but tasty ice creams I've had:

- kulfi
- barley
- cactus (the paddles, not the fruit)

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I'm trying not to snack too much but if the weather is nice, I might get oolong soft serve with boba from Mr Wish. I don't know why more places don't have flavors like that.

#OpenStreetMap has one tile rendering server for all of USA, and that server can no longer keep up with peak US traffic.

If you, or your company,are interested in hosting a rendering node in the US (or elsewhere), please contact us.

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🍹🌴 a smol island in the sun 🌴🍹