My partner's mom sent us an ad for a food wholesale co-op from the 60s and wooowwww

Look I just want a winter hat with cat ears without making it myself

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Come work with me at Grindr! I’m expanding a diverse web engineering team so I'm looking for a Sr. Full Stack Engineer who will report to me. You'll help us build an exciting new web React application and modernize the Grindr dot com web site.

We offer a uniquely queer environment with great benefits (including Folx for your HRT needs!) and unlimited vacation.

I wonder if I get a matte topcoat and the right nail polish, can I get my nails to resemble carpenter or mason bee butts?

I sloppily applied my new polish from KB Shimmer, "No Illusions". I LOVE IT. It reminds me of low riders. I threw some glitter on the thumb for fun but it looks good plain. Someday I won't get polish all over my finger...

Omg my haul came in today which means I'm doing safety French tips

Thinking about when I saw The Menzingers come on to the song "Rebel Rebel", only for them to start singing about being proud USA progressives or some shit. Also, awkward to see cis ppl, lol.

There were some others that I liked that they were using for fundraising but they were sold out :/

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Did my nails the manly way by drinking a stout with a straw and watching a K-Drama

Does anyone immediately think of bedazzled jean jackets and Nikes when you think of hijabs or is that just me?

frustrated that most nail swatches aren't controlled for color temperature or clothing colors. At least skin tone is taken into account.

Trying out Tree Frog Fork from Leelah's Lacquers. It's a great shade but it doesn't spread nicely and the glitter ratio could be better. (Of course I'm still working on not getting polish all over my fingers)

I have a set of tasting spoons that I've been using for swatching that I will also add to the DB eventually.

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I'm trying to build up a versatile collection from which to do basic nail art, so I made a DB in Airtable to sort them by whatever attributes I need.

fire in my city, gentrification 

I'm not against squatting, especially with a good neighbor. However, there are so many buildings in this city that are in need of serious structural repair and should be gutted. Unless you and your friends are tradespeople in a construction company, you will *not* be able to rehab these buildings by yourselves.

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fire in my city, gentrification 

There was a big fire in a house in my city. I think it was a house that was divided up into 2 units. 26 people lived there which is ludicrous!

This is why, unlike others on the left, I strongly believe in building more "missing middle" housing and just more housing in general. People shouldn't live like this. There are other housing styles that are more suitable for extended/inter-generational families. I also feel like the public housing situation is also to blame, but again, if there is a shortage of *habitable* units, this is an outcome.

I like when K-Dramas have main characters that are as neurotic as I am

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🍹🌴 a smol island in the sun 🌴🍹

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