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Painted this a while ago for my sister who loves Squid... squids? Squode? :blobcatgooglyshrug: I haven't had a TON of practice was with painting galaxies, but I like the way this one came out. :blobcatheart: #mastoart #creativetoots #IndigenousArtists #acrylic #squid #galaxy

(Painting of a pink squid floating through a galaxy)

#coronacooking meat 




I just realized that the music blasts on the door knocking

Vizzini‘s speech is like what happens when I try to decide on anything

“they’re terribly comfortable. I think everyone will be wearing them in the future”. HAHAHAHA

I think the right hand/left hand thing is a wank joke... just caught that

why do you bring me up, buttercup baby just to put me down



been tying various sewn masks and I haven’t found a surgical style one that I like. I think it’s partially because I’m not good at pleats...


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🍹🌴 a smol island in the sun 🌴🍹