the problem with Father’s Day is that I really want a cookie cake from work, but I forget that they’re disgusting

β€ͺTake this day to tell your sugar daddies, leather daddies, transmasc bears, and fatherly butches in your life that you appreciate them.‬

I think that having Sarazanmai’s ending at the same week as Pose starting is tough

there’s a cute girl that comes into work sometimes. I noticed that she did her nails. I think I’m barking up the wrong tree, b/c she seems to give off tough femme vibes

I may have had a bad day at work, but yikes, at least it wasn’t USA vs Thailand women’s cup bad

(I was gonna keep working on this thread but now I’m hungry and distracted, whoops)

When I was a younger queer, I def had a hard time on LiveJournal due to machismo and the valuing of white, thin bodies. Some of us broke away and started what would be considered a nonbinary group to deal with a non-normative gender in a somewhat strained political era.

I was talking to a coworker about the disconnect between internet queerdom and the broader queer community irl. How the Tumblr kids address gender and sexuality versus the lived experience over time.
What I just realized is that I would theoretically be a queer internet elder, but I aged out of many platforms or the platforms themselves were dismantled or dismissed as obsolete.

listening to that one Janet Jackson song: *sob* this is such a banger

...why is a song from Grease on the loudspeaker?!

ugh, gotta get good at explaining to people how to ask for pronouns at work, which will go over badly

Everyone should read this book:

its available on libgen for sure

like all of you computer nerds should read it

grouchy from my name being mangled at Sbux. Should just hold up my badge w/ my name.

β€ͺit’s transphobic to be scheduled to work during pride

food fail 

food of ex-Texans 

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🍹🌴 a smol island in the sun 🌴🍹