decided to impulse buy the PokΓ©mon Go pattern and not-so-impulse buy a travel kit for my sharps and T vials

I feel like I should say something about Indigenous People's Day, but the rush at work today has left me as a husk of a person

why eat a Chik-Fil-A sando when you can make a stripburger using a bun and three Popeye's tenders?

OH: The β€œH” in Jesus H. Christ stands for H.E.B.

I almost did a 2016 to 2019 comparison photo, but I look the same! Well, my skin is worse but that’s it.


whine update: they are jackhammering directly across the street

I want a an Android e-ink reader thing so that I can read manga and various research papers with less eye strain


Somehow the work radio managed to find the one Phil Collins song that isn’t a banger

Am I the kind of person to sew their own Pokeclothes?! YES. Am I swamped in other projects! MAYBE.


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