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partner made me Easter dinner like I had as a kid 🀩
it was so good! it had all the things!

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I’m reading β€œReclaiming Our Space” which is a lot less rage-inducing than that garbage fire book I was hate-tooting earlier. I do have a qualm with a bit of history in it but otherwise it’s fantastic so far. Highly recommended if you want an internet history from the early β€˜00s to today.

I’m trying to relax at home, but it’s impossible to read or think rn. Maybe I need to get coffee out of the house so I can stop staring at my rectangle and finish reading my book.

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TIGERRS is a new nonprofit in Minneapolis doing awesome work with trans* kids and youth. They are doing some fundraising today; if you have a couple bucks to send their way, I know they would use it for awesome stuff (like pizza, art supplies, and other awesome things).

Instagram post:

GiveMN link:

🎡 Hey now
You're a hey now
Get you're hey now
Hey, now 🎡

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Social anxiety makes it hard to participate in civic discussions in crowded rooms.

it's annoyingly chilly today, but it gives me a good excuse to wear my new sweater :D

@knownrobes fuck yes babey its salt marsh harvest mouse time
these lil bebs are very special to me because they live in my backyard & they're super endangered
they're endemic to the SF bay salt marshes & are adapted to high saline levels--they can basically drink saltwater to survive if no fresh can be found. they're also good swimmers!
vp mike pence, a known piece of shit, hates these mice in addition to hating lgbtq+ folks, & thinks we spend too much $ on them, to which i say FUCK YOU MIKE

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Game & Thrones has none of my favorite games and very few of my favorite thrones

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I suddenly want to map the grocery scene in my neighborhood and the adjacent neighborhoods

honestly I wish that the snacks from Asian Grocery #2 were sold at Asian Grocery #1 (which has the better produce section).

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🍹🌴 a smol island in the sun 🌴🍹