us politics 

us politics 

thanks for playing the only good Christmas song, store

Maybe I’m feeling emotional, but I started feeling some kind of way when I saw the mentaiko onigiri and the warabimochi

23. necromancer. baby's first resurrection! this is another personal favorite.

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the white lady doing tea ceremony shit is not without precedent... like the samurai that came before her, she’ll wait until you’re in traffic before running you over in a crosswalk, securing her faction’s dominance in the region


america sucks 

america sucks 


@Torie I got my schedule... so I was thinking about going to a movie on Sunday but I might not? In any case, I’m free so we can bread. I only work one night (Thurs) so I’m free otherwise

@Drewbreez I'm glad you wrote that piece on Medium. It really resonated with me and some stuff I'm going through now.

by "part-time" I mean 22 to 35 hours almost every day of the week

I think this is an accurate representation of me. (I'm not exactly a NEET, but I only work part time and I'm not in grad school yet.)

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I've decided to offer myself up as a voice coach for trans people who need it free/cheap.

No matter what you desire to work towards, you come to me as a friend I would like to help be comfy. Whether that be feminising, masculinising, or a voice made of various different elements :)

We will do exercises, talk about posture, be hydrated, apply it to real life, and I promise to tailor things to meet your needs.

I will do this over discord. DM me if you fancy this.

Boosts appreciated

I promise you, if you go to the back of any grocery store, it smells pretty gross. Especially in summer or with an older building. But y’know, racists be racist.

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