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I keep thinking that if it weren't for:
- anxiety
- social ostracism (due to undiagnosed autism)
- parents discouraging physical activity especially under the hot sun
- capitalism

I would've been super into sports. At least a cheerleader or athlete in my secondary school.

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Subjects like maths or accounting would've been far more interesting to me if my teachers in those subjects are genuinely inspiring enthusiasm in their students

Instead what I get are nagging, condescending dipshits who are not at all aware of how their messages come across to their students

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musing about religion in Malaya prior to Islamization 


"Traditional beliefs are still practised by the Orang Asal people. Loosely classified as animism, the beliefs are not recognised by the state as a religion. Animistic beliefs are passed down through oral tradition due to the lack of a writing system in indigenous groups, who call their beliefs agama adat (traditional or customary religions). (cont)

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benene chips intro post 

Loosely adapted from my RadTown (main) intro:

I'm Nadiah, raised cis woman (and presenting that way in the Malaysian public, though that might change soon). I'm okay with "she/her" but am getting used to "they/them".

I'm and I have difficulty managing my attention. As much as I missed making art, I'm also trying not to force myself and end up feeling bad for not creating.

I ❀️ & πŸ’• as well as the household's Orange Cat

*trying to calm someone that is scared of the ocean*
It's more scared of you than you are of it. Those loud waves? That's the sound of it being startled by your presence


Read both articles, the latter ends:

"If well-paid US columnists start becoming preoccupied with human rights in your country, it is a pretty good sign that you are about to get bombed. It is also remarkable how quickly those same pundits will lose their acute interest in human rights in a nation after a US intervention."

and by funny, I mean not funny at all and actually kind of terrifying.

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it's funny to me how much of hacker culture has become this weird performance of the worst parts of what the community was 20 years ago. The "script kiddies" all got corporate and government jobs that tolerate their faux-revolutionary/edgy performances in order to recruit impressionable boys.

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youtube video by a femme talking about in-place migration from ext4 to btrfs on linux and its pros and cons. 142 views.

youtube video by dude in a V for Vendetta mask called "Linux for Hackers" where he goes over how to do the guided install for kali linux. 152K views.

Leverage reference 

Rich old guy about to die: "Well, it looks like you've killed me after all, Mr Ford."

Nate: "Oh, no, I didn't kill you. God killed you. I just made sure that it *took*."

uk pol, fascism in action 

so Downing St themselves (piffle himself, or a triangle-haired minion?) rewrote the race report they commissioned to fit their own preferred - false - narrative

this kind of thing has brought down governments in the past, but i doubt it'll do more than raise an eyebrow today, so inured have we all become to the current pack of crooks, chancers and fascists and their manoeuvres and manipulations

someone bang on Keir Starmer's loo door, he's asleep on the netty

perhaps the white guy in Europe failed to account for the lived experience of non-white people who experienced colonial violence first hand and is everything they have ever known

"why do you even need libraries when all the information in the world is on the internet" because it's all behind a paywall and the library is a battering ram

general meta, learning mindsets 

Imagine if debates revolved around genuine curiosity and vulnerability based on trust. What if conversations were like, "let's find out together about this thing, and also share how we feel about what we learn including and especially the pain and fear" as opposed to "I will DESTROY you with my superior facts and logic and you will have to live with your wrongness for the rest of your life, you loser!!"

I have gone into plenty of conversations with the latter mindset, and even when I "won" and felt the warm glow of victory it was ultimately hollow. It's why I sought out a social network where it's easier to keep these interactions from happening in the first place, because "pwning" someone who come at you in bad faith is mostly draining and a waste of time.

Maybe this kind of moderation is the best we can do in a generally bad-faith environment; I am by no means saying one side of a conversation should unilaterally disarm and be vulnerable to the other, because it just doesn't work without genuine good faith on both sides.

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general meta, abuse/unhealthy dynamics 

I wonder how much of people's rigidity about refusing to admit mistakes or wrongdoing is due to being taught that admitting to being wrong means they are Bad People who can never come back from it and are no longer deserving of respect or love?

[if i was australian and saw a cat] well that’s for me that is. i’ll have a bit of that then won’t i

Today got off to a weird start when the chimney dispensed a pigeon into the living room. We got the dog out of the way, opened the patio door and shooed the birb outside.

Today continued weird when this happened again shortly afterwards. Not sure if it was the same pigeon - this one flew around the living room and got itself stuck in a corner.

The dog is very confused that the fireplace has become a pigeon dispenser.

physical health ?? family -- 

Mom tells me to "wait and see" what's wrong with my throat because she dreads the admin hell that comes with sending me for tonsil operation

Woman, at least let me see a doctor to find out what the fuck is wrong with my throat, because something about my voice has been OFF AS HELL these weeks and I tend to wake up with my throat sore and dry

medical expences, not having money, asking for donations 

My body is not exactly in cooperative mode, and I need someone who knows how bodies in my state need to be maintained to do some maintenance on it.

I've been postponing this because it's expensive. Postponing getting health care is not very healthy, so if anyone want's to chip in a bit I'll be eternally thankful.
My donation links are (one time) or (also one time, but it looks like it's recurring)

Bird-brain: "Ed Edd n' Eddy and Dead By Daylight are both made in Canada"

mental health ~ 

watching Ed, Edd n' Eddy today as part of my "dealing with depression and lack of productivity" regime

On a sidenote: does it count as echolalia if younger!Nad hears cartoon lines and keeps trying to replicate voices and sounds, at times to perfect accuracy

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