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Mentally having a pink lady with y'all at this location.

Seems like we should have a plan for how to become less susceptible to ads.

Pardon me while I shape my life around an anonymous meme. Brb.

dermatological oddity hives 

I've had the severe hives for the last 2 months and on antihistamines 24/7 = yuk. A few days ago I was stung by English ivy when trying to kill it (invasive species but has medicinal properties ). It hurt really badly for 2 days but now the hives appear to be gone. <knock on wood> I believe I've been rebooted by an invasive species. :blobsoothed: Symbolic?

Some netflix shows are similar to google software in that you don't want to get too invested because it might be gone soon.

I started to get a burner email but its redundant. :blobshrug:

I just threw out my back while sitting still. :blobcatgooglyshrug:

Steven Pinker's latest book:
How to enjoy the patriarchy


I would sign a petition to quiesce the facebook database.

Hundreds of Native American treaties have been scanned and are freely available online, for the first time, through the National Archives Catalog.

Clowns are good people. Jesters. The scary ones are not real clowns. Those are actors.

Horror movie idea: fb as a cloud storage provider.

FB should be owned by municipalities so they can post important info for residents that is targeted for need rather than sales and without having to please an overlord.

Rage for sale. Get your white hot rage half off. No money down.

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🍹🌴 a smol island in the sun 🌴🍹