Its almost like dodo tangles animals in barbed wire on purpose so they can film it being rescued.

Cooking without onions and garlic for a visitor and it is so freaking hard. It doesn't taste so good. :blobcrysob: Sorry visitor.

At this rate, AirBnb is going to make everyone who can't afford to buy a house houseless.

Why only to the moon and back? Why not to mars or other more distant celestial body?

PSA from a recent volunteer cashier: If you can avoid paying in cash, PLEASE do so. If not, it's okay.

Tech support where they let the ticket languish forever till you just fix the dang thing yourself.

For me its better to be here with MY people (y'all) than to be on twitter with THE people.

My presentation style was described as word vomitty. :blobcrysob: 😂

Paper lasts over 2000 years wow. Hard drive?

Do people really need 10 year old email or rips of 80s cds? Delete all the files.

What if dark matter is just time? Or gravity? Wouldn't that be a kicker.

uk politik 

A Scottish friend sent this. I named it Scotxit.

This puzzle took forever and I partially cheated. (section letters on the back) In the future I will avoid gradients.

Increase in left handedness after they stopped torturing people for it.

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