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Business as usual. Bombings and coddling of the military industrial complex. How do you have the same species landing on Mars on the one hand and bombing the crap out of their fellow humans on the other?

10 single panes of glass is pretty blurry actually.

If the recipe includes puff pastry it cannot legally be labeled 'easy'.

My vision was blurry but turned out to be too much moisturizer. D'oh.

Imagine if the money spent analyzing and tracking us online was used for housing.

The best feeling is when someone is happy to see you. One more reason we love dogs so much. Please be glad to see someone, anyone, at your earliest opportunity.

If I went back and read all my bookmarks I'd be very well informed.

I don't feel invincible but I do feel slightly less vincible.


Color me pfizer. Got a shot. Feel a surge of relief and a ton of guilt about those who don't have it yet.

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