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Sometimes I feel like a Jeff Buckley song on a Chipmunks album.

Imagine going from your royal highness to your excellency. That's gotta hurt.

Humboldt on Queen Victoria: 'She displayed complete philosophical abstinence.'


Patty Duke who played Helen Keller is the mother of Sean Astin who played Samwise Gamgee in LOTR. 🤯

Please vote your opinion: Naturopathy

Reservation Dogs 

This is such a good show and young Cheese steals the show.

American brain damage ball 

Parents listen up: Start bashing your kids' heads in middle school and by college they'll be fully compliant and have a 0.00000001% chance to get rich.

Your friends at the NFL

A lot of damage is done with inflammatory headlines. Journalism: Please cease and desist.



Successful microbes mutate.
They see an evolutionary need,
become the seed that spawns a different being. They seize
chance opportunities, try new
paths, have no fear of changing
appearances. These single cells
hold the keys to transformation.
They equate stagnation with death
and see that the releasing form is the only way to enter into essence.”

~Danna Faulds

Yale Research Mixed Race USA 

... research study on the unique experiences of Multiracial people. If you’re over 18 and live in the US, you can contribute to the growing body of relevant, forward-thinking research on Multiracial people by taking their online survey. (enter survey code: R22)

Humboldt introduced the idea of tectonic plates and got laughed out of town.

just bad 

Has Florida considered flying itself to New York?

I'll save the environment as soon as I finish taking these off path instagram selfies holding an endangered species baby.

The world of chess is in an absolute uproar y'all. Hide your knights, hide your bishops.

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