It's kinda annoying that journalists are disagreeing on the price (from 70.000$ to 700.000€, as usual zeroes means nothing and euros and dollars are the same thing).

But whatever. I have an irreplaceable black and white one in my high school art history book.
I'm so filthy rich. ^<^

@generika This is the same as saying, “The highest bidder gets their name on the plaque next to the painting, with a thank-you note for supporting the museum”. It is as certified as the blockchain (because who is going to doubt the museum itself) and it does not damage the environment.

But the saddest thing is that, if they had not involved NFT in the fundraising, they would have never received six-digit figures :blobcoffeeunamused:

@miramarco @generika I feel like NFTs used in this way are just 'Gatcha' fundraisers. The museum knows perfectly well it's meaningless but they figure they can make some money off it.

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