A study of nearly 1,000 covid survivors found that 90% of them experience long-term effects.

Disabled people are already the “largest minority group” in the US and we’re getting a lot bigger thanks to covid long-haulers joining us.

Let’s burn this place down.

that recent article about people with thick thighs living longer 

i've been thinking about it a lot since it started making the rounds... i haven't been able to find the actual journal article/review the news is referring to but this has happened before: the fact is, higher weight people actually do live longer and recover from surgery and serious illness better-- especially WHEN THERE'S NO COMPOUNDING ISSUES WITH MEDICAL MALPRACTICE.

the other bullshit is that the story reinforces the good fatty/bad fatty archetype: good fatties have large ("curvy") thighs and hips, small waists and bellies. bad fatties have big bellies (presumably because they're gorging themselves on food all the time? idek)... because if you read most of the (USian) takes, they always come to the same conclusion: eat less and exercise more, and you won't have a belly any more.

there are so many things wrong with this but here's the biggest one that always comes to mind:

***correlation is not causation.*** just because people with more x are more likely to y, that does NOT mean that having less x will result in less y. literally ALL it means is that people with more x are more likely to y. you can't make any assumptions about the causal relationship. (to learn more about how ridiculous it is to conflate correlation with causation, check out

less than 5% of attempts to lose weight are successful in the long run. and yet, weight loss is prescribed by doctors for anything from the common cold to broken arms. not only are they biased against fat people, but they're incapable of providing us with evidence-based healthcare, because they can't see past our body shape and size.

anyway, it's also sexist af, since these types of body fat distribution studies tend to be focused on women.

it's also anti-Black af, since the "bad fatty" body type tends to apply to Black women more than other women.

and it's generally capitalist af, because the overwhelming majority of weight loss studies (and this recent news is just a review of tons of weight loss studies) have financial ties to the weight loss industry. so yes, thousands of studies might all say "fat is bad" or "well okay MOST fat is bad, but SEXY fat is good," but the reality is, thousands of studies were also financed by the companies that stand to gain the most by making us believe we need to be smaller.

instead of looking for ways to pathologize natural biodiversity, look at the bigger picture: who stands to gain the most from stories like these? who is most likely to be harmed by stories like these? what value is added to the world with that kind of clickbait?

fatphobia is always, always, always sexist, racist, ableist, and capitalist. scratch the surface of any article pathologizing size (even an article that says "chunky thighs are good, actually!") and you'll always see something sexist, racist, ableist, or capitalist.

i've said this before and i'll say it again: fat liberation and resisting diet culture is super fucking antifacist.

The Fat Zine first issue sold out, but they’ve just done a reprint that you can buy for cheap and money goes to various BLM funds:

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uspol, sarcasm 

HOA members are appalled to find out that HOAs are just as racist as the day they were created. (Actual news: HOA in Colorado is banning Black Lives Matter yard signs.)

"Can't Pay, Won't Pay: The Case for Economic Disobedience and Debt Abolition" is free until October 5:

Healthcare capitalists, covid 

Sanford Health, the big hospital system and only one of two health insurers in the state of South Dakota, is sponsoring a big honkin’ indoor concert next month.

Covid, vaccine news 

Scientists are calling for more data and transparency about the Russian vaccine, dubbed Sputnik V, because the country is marketing the vaccine to poorer countries before any data from phase 3 trials is available (and phase 2 trials appear to have been conducted on less than 100 people).

The phase 3 trials are up to 300-something participants, with a 14% adverse reaction rate, which is... not great.

new vegan food 

Fake Meats got back to me and said this:

"The pea protein crumbles (the protein ingredient and the finished product) are certified gluten free.

However, the packing company we use is not certified gluten free, but they do not handle any other products that contain gluten. They just don't have the certification."

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looking for some software suggestions from the hive mind 

i'm looking for job tracking software for 18-30 users, with the following:

- easy; like, dead easy for low-tech grandma, at the end user level
- customizable templates
- ability to create task dependencies in those templates (don't trigger task B until task A is complete)
- repeating jobs (annual, quarterly, monthly)
- ability to assign tasks but also @ others as needed
- does not have to be FLOSS

new vegan food 

there's a TVP alternative made from pea protein:

it looks like Fake Meats has their own brand of fake meat now (idk if this is new or not), but it looks good.

No word on whether or not it's safe for celiac, but if you don't have celiac and aren't allergic to pea, you might be interested.

Is there a way to stream a video (with sound) from an android device to a raspberry pi... wirelessly? And without a bunch of bullshit?

Fat liberation 

“A popular fiction is that your life begins when you lose weight. Only when the pounds are gone, we are told, does the real story begin. A lie, one of many. My life began when I decided to gain as much weight as possible... the moment I chose to become fat, everything changed.”

“Visibly showing comfort is a form of power.”

-Anshuman Iddamsetty

Food poll, English pronunciation 

The correct pronunciation of “pecan” is

holocaust, bad education, denialism, antisemitism 

out of 1000 american adults under age 40 surveyed (200 per state)...

23% think the holocaust was a myth.

48% can't name a concentration camp or ghetto

63% did not know that 6 million Jews were killed. (I can assume that they also don't know how many non-Jews were killed, or even the classes of people targeted by the Nazis beyond Jewish people.)

11% believed Jews *caused* the holocaust.


Climate change 

Some scientists and journalists modeled what might happen as people begin to migrate because of climate change:

(It’s a long read.)

Science news buzzkill 

Phosphine on Venus isn’t anything close to proof of life, it’s just proof of phosphine on Venus. Even that isn’t conclusive, it’s just a hypothesis.

These arguments like “since there are no labs to synthesize it, it must have been made by microbes!” Are just silly. Venus is one big laboratory from an earthling POV, and it absolutely could be made spontaneously, without life, under conditions we don’t fully comprehend yet.

Yes, it’s a nifty discovery, but it’s far from conclusive.

Btw, this is a good time to mention that the number of Black people going into STEM is going down, and should be a lot more newsworthy and a far bigger call to action than finding evidence of phosphorus and hydrogen on another planet.

covid, research 

there's a hypothesis that wearing masks will increase immunity against covid-19, by controlling the viral dose people are exposed to. (basically how vaccines work.)

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