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cw request 

As we get into the holiday and New Years resolution seasons, there will be tons of social pressures to adopt diet and exercise routines (which are 95% likely to fail in the long-term). I imagine this will get worse as people continue to joke about the “quarantine fifteen” or whatever. There were tons of anti-fat sentiments when quarantine first started, and I’ve been dreading New Years resolution season more than ever because I’m sure covid is going to make it even worse.

Please please please CW your exercising, dieting, and weight loss efforts posts. Even if you think your post is neutral, it isn’t.


Everyone who has a body you dread looking like, and everyone recovering from eating disorders.

Capitalism, US govt, policing the poor 

The IRS audits the poor more than the wealthy because it claims it lacks the budget and staff it takes to audit rich people... so it just doesn’t.

Today’s big shopping day PSA 

Hey, if today is the only day you can buy things you need for the year or the only way your kids get to have a holiday or whatever, don’t feel bad. Shop online if you can (if only to keep yourself safe from covid, since being poorer puts you at higher risk already, but also who wants to dodge crowds on any day?), but don’t feel bad about the shopping.

Your survival is important and being poor is already painfully inconvenient even without dealing with “buy nothing day” pressure.

Food, silly 

Potato poll:

trump, US law, death of human and nonhuman animals 

Friendly reminder that voting him out solves nothing.

Trump is fast tracking tons of deadly changes to regulations, from speeding up already unsafe factory farm chicken slaughter rates, to loosening pollution limits, to bringing back federal murder by electrocution or firing squad.

The country voted Bush out, too, and we’re still living under the horse shit of the patriot act.

covid, vaccines, worker exploitation 

employers seem to be strongly considering mandating workers get a covid vaccine as a condition of employment... because they don't understand that the vaccine may still allow people to be asymptomatic carriers. so far (best i've seen), vaccines have been for preventing contracting covid... there's no way to know (yet) if the vaccines are preventing transmission to other people.

I'm sure they won't let people have a couple of paid days off while they recover from the vaccine either.

it's just another way for employers to be horrible people.

it's also another way for employers to be liable for workers comp claims if you are harmed by the vaccine your employer made you get, so use that information however you see fit.

Racist trans-hating patent trolls (and links to help) 

Shop Enby has shared more about their case... they’ve raised their gofundme goal for legal fees because Wildflower Sex (the company that claims they own the word “enby”) has doubled down, and is demanding Shop Enby surrender their entire business, including access to their website and all accounts/passwords.

Update on Instagram:

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Request for covid links 

I’m looking for good (as in reliable and reputable) sources for covid microbiology. They can be in science lingo or plain language. It’s been easy to find statistics, symptoms, and prevention, but I’m super curious about the virus itself and how it behaves (comparisons to other viruses, or how it works on a microscopic level, that kinda thing).

Or heck, doesn’t have to be links— if you happen to know about any of that through your own work or research, feel free to lay it on me. (Please keep some kinda covid cw in replies if you do, though.)

acab, Florida public schools and the prison pipeline 

A sheriff department has been keeping a secret database of children it thinks will become future criminals by cataloguing things like kids’ grades, school absences, school disciplinary records, and family backgrounds.

Uspol, drugs, patient privacy, trans hate 

The DEA won’t stop trying to gain access to patient prescription info to identify people who use medications the DEA wants to outlaw. Since testosterone is a controlled substance this is another tool for the State to target trans men. Trans men in the past have fought (and won many of) these surveillance attempts. But the DEA is currently attempting to find software that’ll surveil people *nationally* so it doesn’t have to deal with each pesky state individually.

Prisons, covid stimulus checks 

Even though activists have been working hard to spread the word to people in prisons that they’re entitled to CARES Act stimulus checks (and providing the forms to receive the checks), prisons are doing what prisons do and blocking access these forms and checks at every turn. Because prisons are garbage that need to be destroyed.

trans-hating patent trolls (and links to help) 

Shop Enby, Black trans-owned sex toy shop, is being sued by some assholes who think they own the rights to the word “enby.”

Gofundme for legal costs:

Their store for shopping:

Public records supposedly say the company suing is Wildflower Sex (but I haven’t verified this or found a link).

Borders, mental health 

Coming as a shock to no one with a conscience who’s lived near one, borders are bad for mental health:

Medical racism and eugenics, covid, texas 

A man was refused extended covid treatment and died because of his preexisting disabilities before he got covid. The doctors claimed he had “no quality of life,” because he was disabled.

The man was happily married and his wife was his advocate. She did not have any right to advocate for his continued covid care because her legal right to be his medical advocate was taken away by the courts when she disagreed with a doctor about a different medical issue (before covid).

Covid, uspol, environmental racism 

Particulate pollution is a known killer, and it makes covid worse. But the EPA won’t budge on regulations for reducing particulates:

Uspol, sizeism, weight changes 

Thinking a lot about how when Barack Obama was president, Michelle Obama tried to eradicate fat people, and especially fat kids.

That definitely had a direct impact on my medical care when I was at my sickest, when doctors were congratulating me for what should’ve been an extremely alarming decrease in weight, delaying evidence-based healthcare and diagnoses by years because being-less-fat >>> *

I wonder who Jill Biden is gonna try to eradicate.


16 Things You Can Do To Be Ungovernable. P.S. Fuck Biden

“Biden has replaced Trump.
While some are celebrating a ‘safer’ form of settler colonial violence, we have been bracing for the war to resume.

“It’s not just that Trump doubled down on white supremacist authoritarian nationalism (aka fascism) and nearly continued his explicitly brutal legacy, it’s not just that liberal settler-colonizers barely clawed their way to victory. It’s that at the end of the day both Trump and Biden are two sides of the same coin. We will once again be subject to that lurid post-election wane of political fervor until the liberal tide recedes and we are left facing the same ecological and social violence as before.

“The Obama-Biden administration was responsible for deporting more people than any other US regime in history. Between 2009 and 2015 Obama-Biden forcibly deported more than 2.5 million people which amounts to more than the sum deportations from all the other presidents of the 20th century. Tohono O’odham and Hia Ced O’odham communities have been heavily militarized and bisected by the US/Mexico colonial border. Whole villages have been displaced and sacred sites have been desecrated across numerous border occupied Indigenous communities. This has been compounded by Trump’s “border wall” but border militarization and colonial occupation of Indigenous lands will continue whether the U.S. is under Republican or Democrat control. Colonizers are united in their belief and practices of colonialism. The Obama-Biden regime was not a reprieve for those who have been bombed and attacked by drones which, in Afghanistan, has meant the murder of innocent lives 90% of the time. We cannot celebrate when we know that with Biden (or whoever), U.S. imperialism and endless war against people of color around the world will continue.

“Biden has framed himself as the restorer of a ‘normalcy’ under which we were being killed, assaulted, disappeared, bombed, polluted, incarcerated, impoverished, and desecrated. A return to neoliberal normal is a return to death for Indigenous, Black, and Brown peoples the world over.”

The rest is here:

Pinning this unlisted post so I can reply with a locked post that’s more detailed than my bio.

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