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As we get into the holiday and New Years resolution seasons, there will be tons of social pressures to adopt diet and exercise routines (which are 95% likely to fail in the long-term). I imagine this will get worse as people continue to joke about the “quarantine fifteen” or whatever. There were tons of anti-fat sentiments when quarantine first started, and I’ve been dreading New Years resolution season more than ever because I’m sure covid is going to make it even worse.

Please please please CW your exercising, dieting, and weight loss efforts posts. Even if you think your post is neutral, it isn’t.


Everyone who has a body you dread looking like, and everyone recovering from eating disorders.

cw request 

@ghosty thank you. Exercise is hard for me to remember to CW, so I appreciate the reminder.

cw request 

@ghosty my new year's resolution is the same thing as every year, to log off and sut up.

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