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selfi,ec, belated wenbiesday 

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Hiiiii! Good morning!! hello dear animals and slimes and chimaerics and cartoons and androids and robots and spaceships and fractals and ghosts and the occasional human - - reminding you that i am mentally swayed by your avatars and i assume you are whatever your avatar is.

coffee, spice 

covid adj, pics of my diy masks, youtube link 


no I’m not walking around the neighborhood taking photos of flagstones to make animal crossing versions of them what are you talking about who does that

img descriptions: stones in grass

last night's open tabs are like a saved rom state from my brain...

a couple circuit diagrams, a few youtube ambient sets, and 47 open tabs from nordstrom rack most of them dresses or shoes

shoe lust 

happy wenbiesday (selfi, ec) 

good morning dear ones. 💙🌧 :flan_coffee: and good wishes today for you

selfie and other weirdness, video chat capture 

happy Friday, dears! it’s tough right now but still wishing y’all much :blob_raccoon_blueheart: :flan_hurrah:

star wars mostly silliness little bit spoiler 

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🍹🌴 a smol island in the sun 🌴🍹