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selfi,ec, belated wenbiesday 

Awww i missed . Do-over today because this outfit is fly and i am feelin it

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Hiiiii! Good morning!! hello dear animals and slimes and chimaerics and cartoons and androids and robots and spaceships and fractals and ghosts and the occasional human - - reminding you that i am mentally swayed by your avatars and i assume you are whatever your avatar is.

if i met aliens 

i do think if i met aliens i probably would just blurt out ‘bah weep granah weep nini bong!’ - i fully expect my mind will just be so overwhelmed it’ll just go blank, and like that’s the only thing that’ll be in there, and it will just come out of my mouth.

(it was kind of like the waiting room at the end of beetlejuice)... not sure why i was in the waiting room, but eh dreams.

i sorta like the idea there’s some sort of shared multi-entity reality we all can go to and be together in by dreaming , but wow, what a 2020 thing, brain...

had a dream i was in a fediverse waiting room of some kind, not even sure what we were waiting for. there were a bunch of folks there, some that were recognizable based on their avatars

sugaring diy (pic is of the sugar in jars, not me) 

this was first batch. i used it on one leg yesterday, it worked, really well actually, altho it didn’t make like a ball (i still pulled it with cloth strips like a soft waxing). i cooked a second batch longer (presently in fridge) but I still think it is also gonna need strips. my skin likes this a lot more than commercial ‘sugaring’ waxes, it was wayyyyy less angry afterwards. hoping the regrow part is happier too, less prone to ingrowns. stars but i do love having smoov limbs so much.

holiday cheer, fake fire (3/3) 

here I took some photos in case the little movies don’t work, or in case folx didn’t want to wait for them to load

holiday cheer, fake fire (2/3) 

... and here is the highly complicate mechanism that produces this amazing simulacra of fire

holiday cheer, fake fire (1/3) 

beautiful darlings, i have to share some holiday cheer with you all, specifically the cheer which originates from our fake fire and how it works.

part 1: it is kinda silly and kinda cozy and makes this little crackling noise:

wenbiesday selfi 

happy !
this morning i piled my hair onto my head with bobbi pins and when i took them out it was faboo for a bit


oops, i said the word 'cacao' out loud, now i must listen to / sing along with the song 'shakawkaw' by infected mushroom.

those are the rules

this morning’s soundtrack is falling rain + purring cat. it’s pretty good.

selfi (just torso and arm), cat pic 

happy mornings

mornings so lazy that somehow there’s an un-drunk cm of coffee left in the bottom the mug after 2 hrs... 💖

am taking this week off. have started it with a lazy morning sipping coffee and bumming around on fedi and the inter webs for like 2+ hrs. so far, can say this is in the ‘ok’ to ‘pretty good’

cat pic 2 (cat e.c.) 

And his brother the little trash red panda

selfi with cat 

this soft boy, huh 💙🐱

mandalorian s2e2 

pretty sure she just said ‘pay up, Zorak!’


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