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selfi,ec, belated wenbiesday 

Awww i missed . Do-over today because this outfit is fly and i am feelin it

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Hiiiii! Good morning!! hello dear animals and slimes and chimaerics and cartoons and androids and robots and spaceships and fractals and ghosts and the occasional human - - reminding you that i am mentally swayed by your avatars and i assume you are whatever your avatar is.

wow my cat… comedic genius:

the uncoordinated one just attempted to jump from the floor to the fireplace mantle. he got his claws on it but couldn’t hold on or climb up, and then fell off awkwardly… hearing a ruckus, we looked over just in time to see him fall onto the fire extinguisher… which he knocked over and then somehow got the pin stuck on his foot, and in a frantic attempt to get free, pulled the pin out and somehow managed to set off the extinguisher, which launched a single burst of yellow fire retardant dust that settled over me and my wife - watching this from the couch - like a misting of very fine snow.

overheard convo of neighborhood kids, includes fword 

Yesterday overheard some neighborhood kids - probably looking like around the ~8 yr old age - - they were having a heated discussion about boxing (the sport) and boxers. one very know-it-all holding court until another finally had had enough and interjected:

“The thing about boxers is they know how to punch. But the thing about me is i’m a kid! and I know how to move my head! I can move my head all the way around like a fucking owl!”


got “mis-gendered” (+, has some caps) 

went to restaurant with outdoor seating for lunch (trying to take advantage before weather gets wet and cold)… sitting with mask on and the server comes up and asks my wife and i if us ladies would like to order drinks. then decides she (ok yes i am presupposing on the server’s gender, yea i realize that) has made an error and starts to apologize a bunch for getting me misgendered and i am like ‘no no it’s ok it’s ok’ - she got it right the first time. anyway, overall calling it a win since i was presenting femme and initially got read femme …… or maybe let’s say… i was presenting mixed and got read as brain malfunction gender fail error

i mean really, BRAIN MALFUNCTION GENDER FAIL ERROR is all any enby really wants…

caturday, cat pic, cat ec 

Happy - the boys say good morning!

morning kitty time (cat ec, selfi with arm) 

fitzi in the morning time. Every morning now he wants a little snuggle time after foods

good morning / afternoon / evening entities! :teal_heart: :flan_coffee:
i hope you have / are having / had good days!

mmm had to delete the original, too much boosting...
yep, i am that social media user that basically just gets freaked out when stuff starts to get too boosted, and so i just delete the original ... this is probably why i post mostly to followers only, or unlisted...

good morning! it’s very early but me and the cats are awake already :teal_heart: :flan_coffee:

happy wenbiesday, selfi ec 

hi dears and happy ! it’s been so longgggg but i felt like taking a wenbiesday selfi again so here it is

takin tomorrow off - today’s my Friday :flan_hurrah:

hello volcano, hiking 

went for hike today and saw old friend - - this is komo kulshan.
this was the first mountain my wife and i climbed, over a decade ago. we climbed it by the route on this face, the easton

sawzall, nonsense, nonexistent movie title 

Edward Sawzall-Hands

just watched small child in pajamas riding bike down the street, grinning maniacally

... followed about 30 seconds later by a very-harried-looking woman (am assuming mom) running down the street...


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🍹🌴 a smol island in the sun 🌴🍹

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