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oh heck, i just realized i might be a cartoon. have always been a cartoon.
omg so much makes sense now...

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writing "hey folx" as abbrev. of 'folks' and then realized it was only one letter different from fox 💙 :arctic_fox:

Petition to replace Mr/Ms and other such titles with Fox

(still need a 'you all' plural, and my go-to for that is foxen, which we could shorten to foxn: "hey foxn,..." )

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Hiiiii! Good morning!! hello dear animals and slimes and chimaerics and cartoons and androids and robots and spaceships and fractals and ghosts and the occasional human - - reminding you that i am mentally swayed by your avatars and i assume you are whatever your avatar is.

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regular message to whatever Culture ship is in-system at the moment: me and a small group of friends are ready for pickup whenever...

misreading shoe product listing 

here is a wee small stream and some flowers we saw today

selfi, caturday 

hello 'verse, here is a picture from Halloween last, of a shibu wearing yukata

i painted my nails, selfi, just hands and feet 

there’s probably enough to fill more than an arm, that’s like my entire right side...

in honor of my new cartoon status, am thinking of getting other arm tattooed with a sleeve of characters from animation. (ok, really have been thinking of that for a while):

last airbender, korra
howl, kiki, porco rosso
tailspin, rescue rangers
flcl, irresponsibile captain tylor, macross
bugs bunny & gossamer
starscream, soundwave
she-ra (new), garnet & peridot
robin hood (fox)
mrs frisby holding up the stone

... i know i am leaving some others out, will have to think of them...

oh heck, i just realized i might be a cartoon. have always been a cartoon.
omg so much makes sense now...

do you foxn like BTS? The song “Sample Of My Pasta” is super catchy ❤️ 🍝

on the lighter side:

kid-me: i don’t understand why all these girls are bleaching their hair, like why does everyone want to be blond so bad

current-me: shut up, when you are older you are gonna be bleached platinum and so vain and you are gonna love it so much.

hellooooo Canadaaaaaaa you are looking lovely this evening

request, need more / in my timelines. Are you soft and kind? Can i follow you?

selfi, ec, nb 

I just spotted my cat as she climbed around on the blanket pile on the couch. Not spotted like ‘saw’ i mean spotted like gymnast or bouldering spotted, like ready to assist/keep her from falling off.

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🍹🌴 a smol island in the sun 🌴🍹