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selfi,ec, belated wenbiesday 

Awww i missed . Do-over today because this outfit is fly and i am feelin it

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Hiiiii! Good morning!! hello dear animals and slimes and chimaerics and cartoons and androids and robots and spaceships and fractals and ghosts and the occasional human - - reminding you that i am mentally swayed by your avatars and i assume you are whatever your avatar is.

wooo - this evening i go to consult with laser people*

* i mean ppl that do laser hair removal, not ppl made of laser**

** although i guess they could also be made of laser, i haven’t met them yet and don’t know, i’m just assuming they are humon

Fitzi’s morning catting routine:

4:45: paw anxiously at blinds while making squirrel noises
5:30: jump on and off corner of the bed repeatedly
5:45: eat breakfast
6:00 - 6:45: tear rapidly around the house
6:45 - 6:55 snuggle time
7:00 - noon or 3pm: sleep in basket

cat pic, cat feats! 

omg just watched the larger of the two cat boys jump from the sofa and land in their little tree/basket thing. it’s like a good 4-5 ft / 1.5m. i wish i had got it on video, but if you want to picture it, it had all the grace and majesty of a small orange bathtub hurtling through space...

selfi, ec, wenbiesday 

hey, happy !
having good hair day

mmm does anyone have any tips about attracting hummingbirds? our friends gave us a feeder and we put it up, but like, i don't think any hummingbirds know about it, or like, know it is here? how do i invite them over? will they just find it someday? i wonder if we also need some hummingbird friendly plants or something...

catbutts, vigorous tails video 

the boys are watching something interesting

💙 fox! (i think??) 

while on the way down from paradise at rainier NPS, we saw this furry friend on the side of the road - i think this is a fox(??)
not sure, i’ve never seen a fox in the park (bears, elk, dear, birds and critters, but never a fox)

anyway it was super woolly with winter coat and very curious 💙💙💙

good morning! no profounds today, but like, happy Friday and good morning. hope all the creatures have good days :teal_heart:

about Kinetic Garment Construction: remarks on the foundations of pattern cutting, by ricard lindqvist, pers+, long & meandering 

reading today, Kinetic Garment Construction: remarks on the foundations of pattern cutting, by ricard lindqvist:

this is fantastically good. like, super interesting on multiple levels: lindqvist’s own personal path is an interesting journey (the notes from being a pattern-cutter for viv westwood are both insightful and entertaining, and there’s other awesome stuff in here too).

the walking through of what is... implied by a given method of pattern generation about our relationships between clothing and bodies is incredible.

i dunno. i think this is an amazing work. it throws into light for me so many things. and granted i am ... at an interesting point because i love sewing and pattern making but was also fantastically frustrated with traditional flat block pattern making, mainly because i am convinced it has patriarchy and gender binary stamped so far into it that it feels irredeemable. so like, this work says nothing about that at all i admit, but the possibilities and the implications when you take this and you intersect it with a bunch of stuff rattling around in my head about patriarchy... whew, sorry.

like... flat block patterns are not made for trans bodies i think, they are not made for non-binary identities. but the ideas and conclusions lindqvist comes to in this about a kinetic source of patterns that grow from the body in motion outwards, _that_ can result in garments and designs that are.

i dunno. i’m probably not making sense and probably none of this makes sense unless you’ve read this, but... it’s made my brain work in a really good way and i’m very happy about that. i’m also overwhelmed by the possibilities into tears, because i’m a mess. ok that’s all 💙

spreading the twin gospels of Arkady Martine and Tamsyn Muir novels to all my irl friends during our zoom calls ⚡️⚡️⚡️

fabric/textile manipulation, clothes 

suuuuper cool combos of shibori fabric dying and then manipulation by Amy Nguyen
this one is faboo:

cat posting , cat ec 

we got a new fern that lives on top of the refrigerator and Taco’s new favorite spot is up there with it

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