any recs for eyeliner, makeup-knowledgeable folx? i see pencils, liquids, one million brands... would love advice for something nice quality to start with... :boost_ok:

@june for eyeliner I prefer the automatic type like.. it’s hard to explain other than you twist the bottom and it comes out like a clicker pencil! They’re just the easiest for me to use, I’m not a huge makeup wearer but it’s what I’ve done for cosplay and special occasions ☺️ some of my friends like liquid liner which I find harder to get a clean line with! Pencils are also good but usually you have to sharpen them! Brand wise I can’t remember brand names but Ulta is where I go

@june I really love Nyx Epic Ink felt tip liner. easy to apply, easy to fix when I inevitably mess it up, and a very reasonable price point.

@kingarmand @Iuckyduck @MmeLibertine i ended up ordering the nyx and then a small zoeva brush set for eyes, will start with that and then add more later. also want to find eyeshadow kit with warm electric tones, like reds, yellows, oranges.

@june @Iuckyduck @MmeLibertine do you have a specific budget? How bright do you want these colours?

@kingarmand @june @Iuckyduck agreed, budget will play a big role here. Eyeshadow is where I really do see a difference in pigmentation strength. I think if you have a primer tho you can get better performance from less expensive brands.

Ignore anything by Kat Von D, she's a racist, anti Semitic piece of shit, so who cares how cute her palettes are.

@wigglytuffitout might have some good suggestions too?

@MmeLibertine @kingarmand @june @Iuckyduck @wigglytuffitout sorry I'm so late to this , I'm not on fedi much lately?? But tbh I really like Nyx eye palettes. They're a nice affordable brand with good pigment and even w my ultra sensitive skin I can wear their glitters. Buildable coverage, p long lasting wear. I prefer their brush type liners tho bc their pencils tend to be too stiff and can pull and drag on the skin.

@MmeLibertine @kingarmand @june @Iuckyduck @wigglytuffitout also I have reallllyyy hooded eyes, so my eyeliner routine is a little nontypical. I use Sephora store brand retractable gel pencils (waterproof, affordable, and lots of colors!) on the underlash of my upper lid, then Nyx fine line pen where you'd typically see most folx do liner. But! I only take the Nyx from the pupil out to a wing so it gives the illusion of having a more typical eyelid shape

@MmeLibertine @kingarmand @june @Iuckyduck @wigglytuffitout if this makes no sense I can prob find the YouTube vid I watched for the tutorial

@demimom @MmeLibertine @kingarmand @june @Iuckyduck ooh, I'D very much appreciate that! i also have super hooded eyes

honestly i've been having a lot of luck with, of all things, the wet and wild gel eyeliners in fancy colors. some colors are better than others, mind you, but i really like doing a brown eyeshadow + blue eyeliner look lol. the only problem is. i cannot. figure out. how to twist up the thing so i get more eyeliner out. i like need to sit down with it and look up a tutorial or something lmfao,

@wigglytuffitout @MmeLibertine @kingarmand @june @Iuckyduck found it!

Omg yes I love blue liner. I actually tend to use blue on my underlash, black for the wing, and when I'm going all out I do white in the inner corners and lower waterline

@demimom @MmeLibertine @kingarmand @june @Iuckyduck THANK YOUUUU, winged eyeliner is just... a fucking mystery to me. i look so good in it but i understand absolutely nothing in how to do it. it probably doesn't help that i'm inevitably doing my makeup when i'm on my way somewhere and my hands are usually a bit shakey from just taking a shower but Whoops Oh Well, some tips will maybe give me the confidence to work up the gumption to use the eyeliner felt tip stamp i have.

i have to admit tho i never do eyeliner in my waterline. i know it looks less finished but oh man. sensory fuckin hell. can't STAND it 😂

@wigglytuffitout @MmeLibertine @kingarmand @june @Iuckyduck it's so haaaard to get used to doing the waterline. The underlash is a pain too! Tbh I got my wing technique down by using a spoon..... Put the handle at your outer eye against the skin at the angle you want, and use your liner to trace the upper side of spoon. Then put the um, spoon part?? above the line you made, and use the angle of the spoon to make your swoop

I can do a photo set for this method tomorrow if needed, idk, I'm not explaining very well, sorry!!

@demimom i've seen pics of how to do this! .......i just haven't actually. put a spoon in my bathroom yet.


i think i may put a spoon in my bathroom for this

@MmeLibertine @june @Iuckyduck @wigglytuffitout Kat von D doesn’t own the company any more btw and it’s been renamed to KVD vegan beauty (which… is a choice)

@kingarmand @MmeLibertine @june @Iuckyduck kvd vegan beauty, where the kvd stands for kindness vegan discovery

Kindness vegan discovery vegan beauty.

Make your own jokes LMAO

As for melt palettes - I've mostly heard their quality is VERY hit or miss. I believe Smokey Glow and The Makeup Breakup have talked about it - I know one of the makeup breakup ladies whose name I currently can't remember talked about their palettes being a notable flop for her, which was a real disappointment because she loved the theme and color story a lot.

I know Colourpop doesn't really have the snob appeal but here's some egregious selfies so you can see what I mean with the palette (blush crush is this one) and the brush I mentioned means it basically blends itself lol, and I actually look like I know what I'm doing (cw'd for eye contact, no filter) even when I am hastily tossing it on my eyeballs within the span of like 5 mins lololol

@kingarmand @MmeLibertine @june @Iuckyduck OH the real great place to look for reviews is Temptalia! She has a nice text based blog so no needing to watch videos, swatches everything, etc

@june I haven't worn makeup in a long time (more the current situation) but definitely look up "dupes" to save yourself money. IIRC L'Oreal has the best eyeliner that's not MAC.

@june just get any kohl pencil really, much easier than liquid eyeliner, and also you can do your lower eyelid with them too (you can't use liquid or synthetics there bc it gets irritated easily). Lines won't be as sharp so it's better for natural looks or blending it with eyeshadow

@june things to consider: what kind of look ya going for? (clean & sharp, smoky, etc.) do your eyelids tend to be oily? do you need it to last all day/not rub off easily? is it hot as balls where you live (i.e. will melt pencils/crayons, cause sweating)?

not really any "best" formula or product, all depends on your particular needs

@june seconding the nyx epic ink rec! it’s so nice to use!

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