wow my cat… comedic genius:

the uncoordinated one just attempted to jump from the floor to the fireplace mantle. he got his claws on it but couldn’t hold on or climb up, and then fell off awkwardly… hearing a ruckus, we looked over just in time to see him fall onto the fire extinguisher… which he knocked over and then somehow got the pin stuck on his foot, and in a frantic attempt to get free, pulled the pin out and somehow managed to set off the extinguisher, which launched a single burst of yellow fire retardant dust that settled over me and my wife - watching this from the couch - like a misting of very fine snow.

@june i am laughing so hard at this. please congratulate your cat

@vyr i will - I’d be madder at the little stinker except that it was so perfectly amazingly funny that i just can’t

@june is everyone sure that we're still going with catboys?

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