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📌 my interaction policies: please read before sending a follow request 

• Follow requests are good, but I won’t accept those coming from accounts without avatar or bio, from free speech absolutists, from techbros, etc.

• To keep my TL tidy, I don’t follow people back automatically, sorry. Please don’t take it personally.

• I try to check people’s bios and pinned toots before sending my own follow requests; I apologize if I miss them.

• I block concern trolls and sea lions on sight, no second chance given.

• This account is my place for more laid-back stuff. Consider checking out my main account for more serious posts and noteworthy boosts.

• Non-negotiable statements: Black lives matter, trans & non-binary rights are human rights, aphobia is a real thing, sex work is work. If you disagree with any of that, please go away.

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If there’s an emojo I can *hear*, it’s definitely :blobcatmmm:

Maybe, if I don’t fall asleep earlier, I’ll watch a movie tonight. Which one of these horror films would you choose for me?

Yes, I chose the ones with titles that are short enough to fit the character limit

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Maybe, if I don’t fall asleep earlier, I’ll watch a movie tonight. Which one of these horror films would you choose for me?

If anything, the coworkers I have to spend time with in the next weeks help me clear up any doubts that I’m really asexual :blobexpressionless:

I love to see Anglophone people pretending that the spelling of their language follows a specific set of rules

Inktober 2021, day 14: “Tick”

Posted today because of technical issues.

Just spent some time on Kind Words and boy, some of tonight's requests were emotionally heavy, much more than usual.

I think I'll go to bed now. I'm sending a hug to all of you who would like one. Please take care of yourself :blobheart:


Guess who is skipping their lunch because they have to investigate a bug that was caused by an update their colleague made in the middle of the night?

I was not sure if it made sense to publish a draft of one of my drawings, but then I thought that the reason why I am taking part to Inktober is to accept the things I do, especially when they are unpolished, unfinished, flawed, or even just laughable.

Having an idea, drawing it and not posting it would have been contrary to that principle.

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I had an idea for today’s Inktober prompt (“roof”), but I didn’t have the time to work on it. I made a quick sketch of what I had in mind, but it’s not even “rough and ready” – it’s just rough.

Too bad, because I liked it when I had to figure out how to draw objects in perspective and shadows in high school.

Maybe I’ll do a proper execution of this concept in the future. Maybe.

Inktober 2021, day 12: “Stuck”

It’s a bit tangential, but its connection with the prompts should be evident anyway

What’s up with people starting online business meetings five, eight, ten minutes in advance? The meeting was scheduled at the hour, so we will start at the hour, darn it

My planner has a few pages that are suitable for a monthly spread, in which I can fill in a few boxes next to each day (similarly to habit trackers).

Next year I will stop logging a few things in there because they are becoming less relevant or are tough to remember if I forget to write them down the same day (do you remember what you had for lunch five days ago? I don’t).

Any ideas of what I could keep track of? So far I have: mood, work, coffee intake, weather, travel, therapy.

everyone is going to hate me for saying this 

Personally, I don’t mind switching between solar time and daylight saving time. I like the extra light hour we get, and my body adapts to the time change quite easily.

Me, to myself: “It will be interesting to make a list of good music videos and rank them to see which are the best ones ever. Maybe I'll start looking for listicles about the best music clips…”

A few hours later: “…Now I have a list of 339 video clips to watch and rate, and I haven't even included the ones I already know of and liked”

Inktober 2021, day 9: “Pressure”

My original idea was to have two extra people pointing from above and below, instead of the hammer and the anvil, but that idea did not convince me. So I switched to the two objects, which are used in an Italian idiom equivalent to “a rock and a hard place”.

The way I use my diary/planner has been evolving over time.

In the past years, I used to log a bullet point list of things I had done during the day. This year I have been writing longer paragraphs about my day and how they affected my mood.

Next year I will put even less emphasis on the events of the day (maybe a quick list for the records) and just write the thoughts that are roaming in my head.

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🍹🌴 a smol island in the sun 🌴🍹

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