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If there’s an emojo I can *hear*, it’s definitely :blobcatmmm:

Confession: I really dislike it when people change both profile name and picture at the same time

The rolling shutter in my living room/work from home location broke yesterday and I’m waiting for the repair people to come and fix it. For now the shutter is down and I am working in a room lit only by the lamplight.

So I logged on Mastodon this morning, and this was the first post I saw.

My Tuesday tradition has finally returned: catching up with the BBC quiz shows from the day before.

I stumbled upon the time schedules I made a few years ago as a thought experiment for a hypothetical trip to Tokyo – a table for each neighbourhood, an example pictured below.

I had a severe case of itchy feet, and it still hasn't gone away. Planning trips I know I won't do in the near future is the way I deal with it.

uk tv 

Only Connect is coming back this Monday, yessssss

And Taskmaster too next month!

long & personal; on people-pleasing (+) 

The interaction notes I wrote and pinned on my main account yesterday are snippier than the ones from last year, because this time I reject bigots and techbros without apologizing. The reason is that I am slowly losing my desire to please other people and to make yet another exception to my boundaries just to appease them.

Another symptom of that is the fact that the arrival of my new housemate is not accompanied by the anxiety of making a good impression to him. I’m too stressed out by other stuff to give a fuck about that, true, but I think there’s also a bit of this newfound “accept me for who I am, deal with it” attitude, which I have rejected for decades.

The only thing that has helped and is helping me going through that road is talk therapy, and I’m still doing my first baby steps. I hope that I will soon be able to gain even a little bit of confidence, as much as I need to look less awkward and to make new friendships easily.

I just requested the deletion of my Tellonym account.

sex ed (incl. aphobia) 

The sex ed I received while I was growing up was awkward and badly organized. I don’t remember any reference to LGBTQIA topics – let alone any reference to gender or romance stuff. The detail I remember most vividly is an aphobic remark from our sex educator, which fucked me up for more than 15 years.

I wonder what perception I would have of myself, my sexuality, and my gender, if I had any kind of sex ed that was not strictly about the mechanics and the safety of heterosexual intercourse.

It’s delightful to see emoji proposals for symbols we already have as custom emojos :hearthands:

I wonder if people think I’m pretentious because I start my messages with an uppercase letter, but it’s just because I’m used to start every sentence with a finger on the Shift key

I mean, I could just gather some friends who are interested in puzzles on a web chat and start tackling some mystery hunts that are available on the internet, such as MIT’s

But again, I don’t have enough spare time for that

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I watched a partial gameplay of the puzzle game “The Wilson Wolfe Affair” during the weekend, and it looks amazing, both as quality of the riddles and as production value. That’s the kind of cryptic puzzle adventure I’d love to tackle some day. I’d just need spare time, friends with an interest in puzzles, and a place for us to gather, but I never have all those three things at the same time

I’m not sure that I want to confirm all seven billions of us


Today I allowed myself to say “I told you so” during a work call. It felt great and I don’t care if I came out as smug: I did raise my concerns and they were right

The idea of working on Saturdays and taking a day off mid-week for all the errands is becoming even more attractive, but unfortunately I can’t really do it, not even when I work from home

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