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📌 my interaction policies: please read before sending a follow request 

• Follow requests are good, but I won’t accept those coming from accounts without avatar or bio, from free speech absolutists, from techbros, etc.

• To keep my TL tidy, I don’t follow people back automatically, sorry. Please don’t take it personally.

• I try to check people’s bios and pinned toots before sending my own follow requests; I apologize if I miss them.

• I block concern trolls and sea lions on sight, no second chance given.

• This account is my place for more laid-back stuff. Consider checking out my main account @miramarco for more serious posts and noteworthy boosts.

• Non-negotiable statements: Black lives matter, trans & non-binary rights are human rights, aphobia is a real thing, sex work is work. If you disagree with any of that, please go away.

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If there’s an emojo I can *hear*, it’s definitely :blobcatmmm:

Just to be clear: My question is specifically about online dating, and the experiences aspec people have with it. I am NOT asking for advice on how to meet people, thank you.

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No one is writing or texting me for a last-minute work request, so I’ll just declare that my summer vacation has finally started. It’s only two weeks, but I need them desperately.

A few questions for / people:

What has your experience with online dating been like? Did you manage to find other aspec people, or at least open-minded allos? What websites or apps have you used, and did you like them?

Bonus points if you have tried online dating in Europe recently, but any answers from people are appreciated! :boost_ok:

My tongue-in-cheek (but not too much) proposal to reform the genres used by IMDB 

• Scratch “Crime”, “Music” and “Sport”, those are subjects, not genres.

• Scratch “Animation”. Like, that's it? One catch-all bin for everything from Snow White to Fritz the Cat? Seriously?!

• Merge “Action” and “Thriller”, nobody will notice it anyway.

• Make a new genre called “Comedrama” for all those movies that are classified as both Comedy and Drama. There are too many of them!

• Make a new genre called “Superhero”. Yes, it's supposed to be a subgenre of Action films, but seriously, we need a container for all the Marvel/DC movies.

• Split “Drama” into “Serious Drama” (like, movies that are just not funny enough to be called comedies) and “Punch-in-the-Guts Drama”.

• Merge “Biography” into “History”, because come on, how is Biography a category on its own?

• Rename “Family” into “Children's”, because that's what everybody really means.

• Add “None of the Above” to complete the covering.

Goodnight y'all. May the night bring you calm and serenity 🌙

Two more days and I’m (supposed to be) on vacation

I'm irrationally afraid of some kind of butterfly effect, as if one extra comma in the last paragraph may reverse the way the whole introduction is read

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*writes 1,500 words*

*rereads everything three times*

*gets at the end of the last paragraph*

Hmm, it's better if I use a synonym here.

*replaces one word*

Yeah, but what if this alters the flow of all the other paragraphs?

*starts rereading for the 4th time*

*closes mastodon*

*absentmindedly types mastodon back into the url bar*

University Challenge S51 E03 spoiler-ish 

Oh my, he posted a video of himself reacting to the team saying his name :blob_laughing:

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Hey everybody, I hope you're all having a nice time :blob_raccoon_heart:

University Challenge S51 E03 spoiler-ish 

One of the teams did not know what to answer to a bonus question, so they just said the name of the account that posts the University Challenge episodes on YouTube. Legends.

:blobsmilehappyeyes: When you and a coworker are debugging some code and it turns out that the bug was not introduced by you

:blobsweat: When your coworker finds serendipitously a second bug that has been clearly introduced by you

Please tell me I won’t be the only person that, when asked to show a proof of vaccination, will say “Leeloo Dallas Multipass”

When I am lurking on Twitter and I spot one of my mutuals from Mastodon, it feels odd, like a crossover episode

Last Friday I had my first night out since October (dinner and drinks outdoors with a friend of mine). Well, I still have more than 30 mosquito bites on my legs

And there are people on the internet who feel the urge to reply to a movie commentary a person had posted 12 (twelve) years earlier, taking a minor offhand detail from that person's post and blowing it out of proportion.

You know, sometimes I wonder why we even bother posting things online. There's always someone in bad faith, there's always who wants to feel holier than thou, there's always someone who is not going to think “I disagree with that person, but that's not something worth having an argument about”.

The best speakers are the ones who repeat the audience's questions aloud during the Q&As, when no microphones are given to the audience

yknow those people that profess to be cinephiles but think that there haven't been any great films for 40 years? how fucking tragic are they. jesus

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