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If there’s an emojo I can *hear*, it’s definitely :blobcatmmm:

Five movies in three days! That's unusual for me

You know that a movie or a book is great when you finish it and you feel a strong desire to start creating stories

I’m listening to the songs I’ve collected on my phone over the years, and there are many that evoke the mood I was experiencing in the days when I discovered them and used to listen to them on loop.

A lot of things have changed since those days – some for the worse, but also many for the better

Apparently my Black Friday purchase will be an espresso cup. Guess who just let theirs fall on the floor and shatter :blobfacepalm:

remote psychotherapy 

Ooof. I could have talked about some sensitive topics of mine during today’s online therapy, because my flatmate was not at home all throughout the session so there was no way he could overhear what I said this time. I’m upset that I didn’t seize this opportunity – now I’ll have to wait for the next in-person appointment :bloboh:

That fearful shiver when the only way to transfer a file from one app to another is through the Share button, so you tap it and the first thing your phone suggests is a list of contacts that you have recently interacted with and you would be absolutely mortified if you accidentally sent that file to them

every day has a message

today's message is: denounce gender roles but respect gender identities

Covid-19, isolation, personal doubts 

I have to make plans for my Christmas holidays, and my idea is to spend a couple of weeks at my mother’s house, as I do every year. We would not meet anyone else. She has been isolating for months (except for the occasional trip to the grocery store), and the only interaction I have is with my housemate, but I will have to visit a couple of offices in the next weeks, and the trip to my mom’s requires me to spend three hours on a train.

The talk about avoiding Thanksgiving meetups in the US got me wondering if visiting her is the right thing to do – we have very limited bubbles, so it should not be comparable to a family gathering, but the travel itself could expose me to the virus…

I cannot overstate how glad I am for the existence of paperclips

It’s an unexpectedly nice feeling when you make a splendid quip at the right time and nobody gets it because you are making a reference to something they have never heard of, but you’re not disappointed anyway because you know that the joke is perfect and you don’t need validation to be proud of it

groupwatch reminder :blobcatpeek: 

@nev @MissSnarkerson @Iuckyduck @Juju @deathmlem @qwazix @generika @pollomostro @Stoof @PostMasterGeneral In case you haven’t checked the discord yet, there you can find the details for this Saturday’s movie: Cat People :blobcatpopcorn: which is the first black and white movie we’re watching together, if I am not mistaken!

It’s nice when you finally find a good source of motivation for tidying up your room :chick_schemes:

A sugar bowl is the most adulting thing I bought this week

No show makes me laugh harder than Taskmaster, even when I rewatch the old episodes

And this makes me appreciate having broken the ice with the smart and interesting people I am already interacting with :blobcatmeltlove:

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