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📌 my interaction policies: please read before sending a follow request 

• Follow requests are good, but I won’t accept those coming from accounts without avatar or bio, from free speech absolutists, from techbros, etc.

• To keep my TL tidy, I don’t follow people back automatically, sorry. Please don’t take it personally.

• I try to check people’s bios and pinned toots before sending my own follow requests; I apologize if I miss them.

• I block concern trolls and sea lions on sight, no second chance given.

• This account is my place for more laid-back stuff. Consider checking out my main account for more serious posts and noteworthy boosts.

• Non-negotiable statements: Black lives matter, trans & non-binary rights are human rights, aphobia is a real thing, sex work is work. If you disagree with any of that, please go away.

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If there’s an emojo I can *hear*, it’s definitely :blobcatmmm:

Framed, hint for today’s game 

Yes please, more movies from the older generations :blobreach:

If the hint to your Funny Quirky Quiz berates the solver for not knowing a piece of knowledge that may not be know outside of the borders of your country… please reconsider your attitude toward Funny Quirky Quizzes

I’m going to sleep. I hope you had or are having a wonderful day. If not, may the night bring the calm you need :bunhdcomfysleep:


(I've been trying to force Mastodon to use the text-only version of the Hot Beverage codepoint, but it refuses to do so. Sorry for the multiple delete-and-redraft)

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Basically, North Korea has its own character set, KPS 9566, and in the '90s they asked to merge some of their symbols into the Unicode standard.

Most of them were discarded, with a few exceptions such as ☕︎︎ (“Tea Symbol”), which was the glyph used to mark teahouses on North Korean maps.

Unicode adopted it in 2003 as a general symbol for “Hot Beverage”, and they eventually added an emoji version in 2015.

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Today I learned that if we have the ☕ emoji, it's (indirectly) thanks to North Korea

work complaint 

Why do they always send assistance requests at lunch time?

Just found online a tshirt that fits exactly what I am looking for… and the manufacturer does not include any size chart. Who on earth sells clothes online and does not include a size chart :blobcatflip:

Maybe, just maybe, it got solved by itself when a blackout turned my router off and forced my phone to switch to cellular data? What!?

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A while ago I had issues using Mastodon on mobile when I was connected to my home wifi network (the problem was in the DNS configurations).

Now I can’t access it using my mobile data plan either, and I have to use a VPN :blobugh:

I’m looking at some typography drawers on sale on the internet, wondering if it’s a good idea to buy one to make a display of knick-knacks for my room, and then I found someone who is selling miniature ones for dollhouses.

My first thought was: Wouldn’t it be cool to have a miniature typography drawer in a real-size typography drawer?

I know it’s childish, but I am watching a fantasy movie and I smile every time the fairy talks about her baguette (it’s a French movie so it’s just her wand)

Someone is playing Scott Joplin’s The Entertainer loudly in the neighborhood and it feels like I’m in a movie from the 1920s

mentions of food, mosquitoes 

“Summer has arrived” checklist:

✅ First mosquito bites
✅ First time wearing shorts
✅ First ice cream
✅ First time turning the AC on
✅ First footbath to feel cooler
⬜️ First time wearing sandals

summer heat 

I just can’t.

(35 °C is 95 °F, for the records)

Yesterday I read in a lateral logic puzzle book about a movie plot that sounded familiar, but I could not remember what movie it was. And the plot sounded far-fetched, but the book said that it was a true story, so I had to find it out.

It took me half an hour of googling, but I eventually found the title… and the debunking explaining that it's likely to be an urban legend :blobmeh:

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