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mh (~) 

I keep forgetting that I’m on Easter holiday from Friday to Tuesday. Nowhere to go and nobody to spend time with (in person, I mean), but at least I’ll have five consecutive days for myself :chick_schemes:

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work complaint 

work, emails 

Ah yes, the eternal question: “Is this common behaviour as problematic as I believe it to be, or am I just touchy?”

I wanted today to be the day in which I manage to focus more at work and be at least a bit more productive.

But the connection to my customer’s network is so unstable that it forces me to take long breaks anyway :blobneutral:

There’s a kid who’s been clapping their hands from their balcony. I just want to lean out of the window and sing “Mr. Sandmaaaaaaaan”


Aaaaand that's a wrap! Thanks to all of you for the nice time! I can't wait for our next groupwatch :blobsmilehappyeyes:

(No actual ROUS was harmed in the production of this movie)

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