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Actually the EU has been producing and exporting vaccines to other countries, including some that were able to produce their own, such as the UK and, to a minimum extent, the USA.

Only a month ago the EU decided to switch to more stringent export rules, which include pretty much only the countries that take part to COVAX, the Covid-19 vaccine distribution program of the WHO.

But even then, the real question is not where the vaccines are produced, but how many doses each buyer is purchasing from each pharmaceutical company, and whether those companies are able to keep their promises.

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covid-19 vaccination 

@Juju I try not to harbour any resentment, especially because many Americans have also suffered from the pandemic, and the more people are vaccinated all around the world, the better.

But it’s infuriating that we developed many vaccines in record times, and it’s the limitations of logistics, sales management, and intellectual property laws that are blocking us from vaccinating everyone as quickly as possible.

covid-19 vaccination 

And I’m talking about the European Union. I can’t even begin to imagine what the outlook is for the countries in the Southern Hemisphere (which is about to enter Winter time, which in turn may bring a new wave of infections).

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covid-19 vaccination 

That’s it. Now that Johnson & Johnson will delay the delivery of the first doses of its vaccine to the European Union, I’m pretty sure I won’t get vaccinated in 2021.

Italy currently does not have enough doses to vaccinate people over 70 years of age. The daily vaccination targets keep being lowered because they are consistently missed. The objective of vaccinated all the adult population by the end of Summer 2021 looks more and more like a mirage.

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I just told her not to compare herself to others, but I really can’t apply the same advice to myself.

I feel like I’ve been dragged down by depression all these years, but on the other hand I’m afraid that it’s just an excuse.

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sadness, again 

It’s tough to see a successful friend of mine, who has a cool job and works in a stimulating environment, being so eaten up with her inferiority complex. I was already a bit envious of her energy and her accomplishments… It does not make me feel happy about myself, ngl

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And the weird thing is that what prompted me to do it this time was a customer requesting technical support during the weekend, as if we hadn't a hotline for this kind of stuff.

He does not pay me, he has no power over me, and my higher-ups agree that he's in the wrong and that he must follow the procedures. But it still feels bad to say: No, it's Saturday night over here, and I'm not responsible for your needs at this time of the week.

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I have to remind myself that defending my boundaries is ultimately good, even though it feels super shitty the instant I do it

People are stressing me out with the things that are stressing them out, and in turn I stress out other people with the things that are stressing me out.

It's a domino effect that keeps going on because there's someone out there who keeps being a shithead towards others, adding fuel to this stress machine of ours.


@pollomostro My parents were not religious, but they sent me to a private kindergarten run by nuns, because it was the only one that wasn’t completely full. And that’s how I discovered that I didn’t share the same background as the other kids (you know, it was a sleepy little town in the 90s, everyone was super Catholic there). I was the only kid who was unaware of all that Christian stuff and who was not sent to Bible school, and that sensation only got worse in primary school.

I was almost giving in and accepting Catholicism just to feel like the other people, instead of an outcast, but it also lead to a lot of confused reflections about religion… I guess that counts as a crisis of faith too?

I have rarely seen a more angst-inducing drawing than the Nine of Swords in the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck

I checked the results of this tests only now and you people are so nice :blob_raccoon_blueheart:

No one entered anything for the Nohari window (well, no one except myself). Don't feel afraid to do so, I can accept criticism :blobthumbsup:

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@Stoof Allicin, the compound that is responsible for the smell of garlic, can penetrate the skin, enter the bloodstream, and reach the nasal and oral cavities. I guess it’s not the only substance that has a strong taste and a high dermal absorption…

I am an avid fan of Ben Schott and his miscellanies and almanacs (or rather, I *was* a fan, since he has stopped writing them). And I still remember the tweet in which he acknowledged that there would not be an almanac for the following year – he said something like “there is too much news”.

And that’s a thought I think every time I hear of a new thing people talk about, but I am too tired or busy to dig deeper and find out what it is all about.

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@MmeLibertine Awww, what a cute couple! (And I adore the way the image description ends :blobtonguewink:)

That’s me, jumping from a Mastodon instance to another, even though I follow the same people from all of my accounts, so it doesn’t make any difference

it’s not you. nothing about this society is “sane”. ~ 🐾

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