There are only two types of tabletop games for me: Those that are named after cities, and those that are not

@nev If it helps you— I mean, if it helps the local Latin learner, it’s the word from which “conserve”, “reserve”, and “preserve” come from

Oooh, I also noted new people adopting Signal. Zero new people from my contacts for a year, and then two just yesterday.

@Juju It has been removed. Here’s a direct link to the Automod post with a copy of OP’s original text:

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I was thinking that we could use a word to mean that a democracy involves *all* the people, but then I came up with pandemocracy and it’s not the right time for that

@Juju Maybe it went away on its own. Do mattresses fly back to the tropics in winter?

false friends, football 

By the way, a “mister” in Italian football is a coach. This is because one team hired an English-speaking coach, but the players knew only one word of English, so they called him “mister” all the time.

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false friends, football 

So there is a famous Italian football player who has been sponsoring Gillette for years, so Gillette has been using a slogan to allure for people who want to be like him.

Now, Italian football imported a lot of words from English, often giving them a new meaning. A footballer who scores a lot of goals is called a “bomber”.

So you can see why the Gillette slogan is (already in English, because it's cool) “Shave like a bomber”.

And I imagine all the English speakers who travel to Italy, see the ads, and are puzzled by them.

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@shello Thank you, I hope you're having a nice time! :chick_hugging:

negative mood 

What an emotionally draining day. I'll just have to wait until the pain goes away.

2021 hard truths 

@lichen We know that 2021 will suck, but we don't know in what way, so we will feel pessimistic and dejected without even knowing how to tackle whatever we will have to face. We anticipate all the anxiety without being able to make any arrangements that would help us lessen it

I started my 2021 planner/diary and I’ve been using it an emotional journal, keeping track of my reactions to whatever happened during the day (instead of just logging all the stuff I’ve done, as I did in 2020). It’s been great so far, but these are still days off work for me, so I have plenty of time to write about my emotional state. I don’t know how it will work out in more hectic times.

Goodnight everybody, may the rest of the night be gentle with you

Today I completed the NYT Sunday crossword in exactly one hour. One hour, zero minutes and zero seconds. This is not my personal record, and yet it makes me happier

I think my brain has been involuntarily trained to pick up any sounds at the same frequency of my phone vibrating. Now I prick up my ears every time I hear a similar sound, even if it's the phone of someone who lives two floors above me

first groupwatch of 2021 

@Iuckyduck @nev @Juju @deathmlem @qwazix @generika @pollomostro @Stoof @PostMasterGeneral @MissSnarkerson

Hi everybody! Our movie for this Saturday is Mr. Smith Goes to Washington! The details, as always, are in the discord :blobpopcorn:

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