A very interesting article about translating Clue, a gender-neutral period tracker, into other languages: helloclue.com/articles/culture

Despite all the Discourse about x and e, it seems the good old-fashioned @ isn't dead yet

(I used the app back in the day; it's not pink and flowery, you can highly customize what things to track, and the informative blurbs cite academic sources!) 🐘

29: the subtle beauty of a Zygiella missing sector orbweaver. 🐦

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they both may well have been venomless "dry" bites. the spiders were both somewhat tentative, feeling around first, like "this doesn't *feel* like food...it's not moving away...guess I'll give it a try"

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disclaimers: don't try this at home, etc., etc., these spiders are not considered medically significant, they are not aggressive, you basically have to be actively trying to get them to bite you (in this case by luring them out with a feather and substituting my finger)

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went through the railway underpasses and out of curiosity induced a couple of the big hacklemesh weavers to bite my fingertip. result: no pain or mark; afterwards, the faintest numbness that could just be me imagining things. 🐦

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went for evening walk in park to feel autumnal

moon doing a peek

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absence makes the heart grow fonder (me going for a walk makes the cat sit on my chest when I come back)

28: in a stand of goldenrod down by the lake, a leaf-curling sac spider (Clubiona) has nabbed a small Larinioides orbweaver! 🐦

dream of gross body stuff 

oh, and washing my face, but the thick outer layer of skin was peeling off and coming off in soft chunks leaving fresh skin beneath, similar to how my fingertips peel when I go shopping too much (because of having to use too much hand sanitizer, I think)

it was oddly satisfying, though uneven

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I haven’t loved using a terminal font more than I have with Iosevka. Like it works amazing at small and super BIG sizes and of course, solid ligature support. (https://v2.jacky.wtf/post/277c47aa-2b21-458d-ac05-b4c7ff2649a5)

Dream journal: family camping, moldy Parmesan, green car, brunch, cat, shower...and then a whole horde of some kind of tarantula (Poecilotheria?), all ages/sizes, and the rest of the dream was about trying to catch and house them in mismatched plastic containers

yo Masto I want to buy a printer for the few times a year I ever need to print something. should I just go for Brother's cheapest laser printer or what? 🐘

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I found out that the Korean title of Groundhog Day is The Black Hole of Love and am losing my entire shit

bonus (posted on IG a while back): two soft things, a red velvet mite on lamb's ear. 🐦

one of the small, mild delights of is the occasional interviews with extremely English professors with extremely stereotypical proper English accents and intonation, and the best one so far is Richard Sorabji historyofphilosophy.net/aristo

27: a tiny spider couple in a city planter. Spiders in the family Linyphiidae are notoriously difficult to ID, but I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say they're dwarf spiders, subfamily Erigoninae (based on the male's funky palps). 🐦

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I don't often bring up domain blocks, but if you're running your own server, you might want to block the domain 10minutepleroma.com, the potential for spam and abuse is immense.

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🍹🌴 a smol island in the sun 🌴🍹