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I can hear a mourning dove outside my window! They make a sad, sleepy "hoo…hoo, hoo, hoo" noise.

Takes me back to childhood in my small hometown. Rarely ever see them here.

This is a mourning dove (via Wikimedia:

what's the "sprots" equivalent of birding

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I cannot look at this preview image from an article about coronavirus and not see a traced drawing of Jackie Chan under that mask.

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I bought the COVID-19 bundle from Humble Bundle. The titles listed are the games on Steam I already have/dont want. If you want one of them, DM me the number or title you want and I'll send you the gift link! One game per person for now, if you list multiple I'll assume they're in order of preference. I'll update this thread as games are claimed.

01) Undertale
02) Hollow Knight
03) The Witness
04) LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham
05) GNOG
06) Psychonauts
07) Magicka
08) This is the Police
09) Europa Univeralis IV
10) Alien Spidy
11) HIVESWAP: Act 1
12) Agents of Mayhem
14) Hacknet
16) Super Hexagon
17) Speed Brawl
18) Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered
19) DUCATI - 90th Anniversary

Anyway, I did get everything on my list so that's all right.

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Hahaha I ordered $40 of groceries and they just gave me.....$6. I had to go up and get the rest myself anyway. For this we wandered in the desert 40 years???

while i'm sharing art here's a go at Maratus constellatus, the peacock jumping spider recently described by Joseph Schubert (


Today's to-do list:

- catch up on work from yesterday
- pick up Passover food from supermarket
- nap
- make soup?

This weekend I went down to the Humber River to look for the first signs of spring. New field journal blog post:

time! In this week's roundup of arachnid art, news, and science:

- 's Infinite Tarantula Island
- 7 new peacock jumping spiders
- kleptoparasitism
- an animal behaviour conference cancelled
…and more.


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I am a weak and miserable and pitiful thing but at least I have a cat to snuggle

Maybe not a bad thing to start using the app separately. Photos for identification often are quite different from photos taken for, like, artistic value

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Maybe something to do with the particular camera app I'm using? Maybe a permissions issue?

Anyway I never use iNat "in the field", I prefer to take a whole bunch of photos then sit down and sort through them later (esp bc it's usually macro), so yeah 😐

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for some reason isn't grabbing location & date info from my photos so I guess I'm just...never using it again ¯\_(._.)_/¯

Dream journal: needing to get the tickets to rebook a flight, but couldn't find dorm/hotel room bc they had changed the room numbers, so had to go through that customer service too; my sister and I stumbling across a cute little community garden while walking down West Queen West, but the ppl in it weren't physically distancing enough; taking a shower (in the middle of the living room?) but couldn't find my shampoo; group Minecraft server photo in the rain

my social distancing technique is, as usual, acting so weird people naturally avoid me

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🍹🌴 a smol island in the sun 🌴🍹