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Killing Eve is lesbian Hannibal. I will not be elaborating on this position

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feeling approximately 638 years old watching @RobinWang's talk on TikTok & theatre but learning a lot lmao


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Whoa... check this out... someone put the "This is not a place of honor" meme on an old sign! This owns!! Bro let's make a fucken city here

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(tmnt voice) this is not a place of honor

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Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred gecs

AAAAHH okay we're done! that was fun thank you everyone for watching!

In conclusion, LEGS. LEGS. LEGS

- Image from Pechmann 2020
- Segmentation of the abdomen is visible in the more "retro" spiders like Liphistius:

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Okay friends.
We have learned about spiders, and in a few hours we get to learn about TikTok!

My talk Adventures in Arachnid Taxonomy beginning presently! If you signed up you should have gotten an email with the URL & password.

If you can't make it, presentation will be available later. 🕷️

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Join us in #SummerSchool with the fantastic @nev to learn about aracho-taxonomy

in feuds
and eight legs

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Earthstar looks like a really interesting new decentralized-web project! Like Secure Scuttlebutt, but mutable and not log-structured!

This removes a lot of my worries about SSB as a scalable, privacy-preserving foundation layer going forward. Really keen to see where this might be heading.

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After buying TikTok , Microsoft immediately rebrands it to bring this exciting new market segment they have acquired in line with corporate identity guidelines.

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passing through an asteroid base in E:D only to find that its in lockdown

fuckin spovid

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oh! here it is! #Shabbat150 is where the story of the guy who refused to fix his fence because he thought about fixing it on shabbat is from! #DafYomi

good morning today I'm giving arachnid talk and I'm 🎶 terrified 🎶

(it will be fine, just, public speaking, u know)

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at #SummerSchool tomorrow / later today (8/3), we're going to have:

@nev presenting about arachnid taxonomy at 6pm utc 🕷️


@RobinWang presenting about tiktok and theatre at 10pm utc 🎭

hope to see yall there!

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Domain Block

I can't say for certain if it has anything to do with the racist, misogynistic and queerphobic arsehole who runs, but honestly, just fucking block anything usinig Alex Gleason's Gab fork, SoapBox, on principle IMO.


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🍹🌴 a smol island in the sun 🌴🍹