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So, do earbuds actually fit anyone comfortably or is the entire planet just doing the emperor’s new clothes thing because apple waved their magic wand when they released the iPod in 2001

youtube studio does the most fucking annoying thing where when you mouse over a video's title and description they are replaced with icons for editing, analytics, comments, etc.

do i want to edit this video? idk youtube, i can't even see WHAT THE FUCK IT IS

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"Picture a thousand Rube Goldberg machines, some of which are aggressively smashing things to pieces. Now imagine that their components are labeled with what looks like a string of highly secure passwords: CD8+, IL-1β, IFN-γ. Immunology confuses even biology professors who aren’t immunologists."

The latest from the indispensable Ed Yong:


excited for basic-ass white leftist social media to extend disdain of landlords to disdain of homeowners. that's when shit will really get spicy

(it's annoying because the official keys allow some features that you can't get if you use third-party apps', like being able to see the number of replies, and seeing likes/RTs in the interactions column, not just mentions)

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the twitter official consumer keys/secrets ( don't work any more for me :(

any other 1337 haxx0rz having this problem?

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I think Google should save everyone a lot of time and effort and jump straight to discontinuing new services:

"We are proud to announce that Google Kitchen Tools will no longer be available on Sep 1st 2020, nor has it ever been available. Should you wish to export your Google Kitchen Tools data, you should be aware that there is no data, as Google Kitchen Tools has never existed.

The Google Kitchen Tools Team"

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I worked way too hard on a meme thing in Twitter so let me bring it over here too:

What's an underrated horror movie you think deserves more eyeballs? I'll start

May (2002, a Frankenstein romance starring Angela Bettis)
The Church / La Chiesa (1989, a supernatural horror produced by Dario Argento and directed by Michele Soavi)
Rituals (1977 Canuxploitation/rednecksploitation similar to Deliverance)
Dead Heat (a 1988 horror comedy buddy starring cop zombie Treat Williams and Joe Piscopo)

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People in contemporary broadcast media, probably just USA:

When I worked in radio we used to use the term OPI to refer to obscenity, profanity, and indecency. Is that ever used any more? Was it ever widespread or was it limited to my station/area/state/etc?

stumbled upon unexpectedly metal paper title

Nicolás Mongiardino Koch, Luke A Parry (2020). "Death is on Our Side: Paleontological Data Drastically Modify Phylogenetic Hypotheses," Systematic Biology.

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I'm hosting Drone Folder/Music for Archives on Friday, August 7, 2020 at 9:30 PM Eastern/8:30 PM Central/6:30 PM Pacific. Join your archives colleagues for live ambient, drone, and electroacoustic music.

While we mourn not seeing each other in person for the Society of American Archivists Annual Meeting, we offer the opportunity to gather online and imagine the sounds of our future reading rooms. Register for the Zoom meeting.

Feel free to connect your gear and join…

Gave my keyboard a good cleaning as some keys have been getting stuck down. Very satisfying.

Have vowed not to eat at my keyboard anymore, we'll see how long this lasts lmao

also i fucked up the video recording and the sound is also pretty crappy so it would be easiest for me to just record a voice-over for the presentation, opinions?


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What sort of person is the *most annoying* to plan a trip with:

maybe i won't go to the store right now

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🍹🌴 a smol island in the sun 🌴🍹