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public service announcement: if you post your unsourced image/gif with no description or alt text, i'm stealing it, reposting it, and not crediting you 🐘

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For new folks: I post a lot of bug photos, marked sensitive to accommodate aversions/phobias. However, things may slip through, and I do boost some un-CW'd bug photos from time to time. If you see anything that should be CW'd, let me know!

Bug identification upon request. Please include geographic location.


the vet clinic documentation for wasabi refers to her as "wasabi [my last name]" which i find inexplicably hilarious

Just got my cat Wasabi back from a multi-day stay at an animal doctor clinic in London, Ontario, 2-3 hours away. Wasabi had too much thyroid (as many old cats do) and was in want of ΒΉΒ³ΒΉI gamma radiation. Only that particular clinic can do it.

Doing kind of poorly (motion sick/drowsy from anti-motion-sick pills) thanks to 2 long car trips (half with a whiny, anxious cat).

Unwelcome bird
to be messenger.

Light Tolkien-adjacent reading

"The Aryan Myth" by Leon Poliakov, 1974 (translated by Edmund Howard)

in a (good) modern remake, the crops would have failed because of climate change 🐘

so what do we think, folks? is the sacrifice going to work? or is lord summerisle just desperately prolonging his reign one more year? 🐘

like the Bride of Frankenstein, the titular and iconic Wicker Man only appears at the very end 🐘

how did they know *he* would be sent specifically? πŸ€” 🐘

standing stones made of the finest papier-mÒché in Britain 🐘

why would you tie him like that, his arms will fall asleep 🐘

and if you stick around for May the 4th, we all make insufferable Star Wars jokes all damn day #mastoween

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