@casey @nev i now have the very specific form of trypophobia that means I shudder to imagine all the gunk that would accumulate within them

@nev oh my goodness I desire this greatly

@nev i'll be picking one of those up too! previously hadn't bothered with the 4 because of the cooling requirements, but now i will

@nev Okay, that's awesome. Like the Commodore 64 or BBC Micro all over again.


Would be cool if it were a mechanical one.

@nev All I can think of is One Laptop per Child except better thought out.

@neltnerb @nev OLPC was aiming for extreme environments, and succeeded very very well.

@yojimbo @neltnerb Also, cheap HDMI displays were much less of a thing back then.

@nev Welcome back to 80’s :) That was a very practicle and compact form factor… If you have a trap under the keyboard to upgrade some stuff to give it few more years of lifetime.

@nev That takes me back to the very first computer I ever owned.


I still have it ... somewhere. I should try to find it and see if it still works.

@nev yeah it's so cute and also so reminiscent of old school stuff!

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