a perfect saturday night: a cup of hot cocoa, microscope photos of mites from reddit, and some identification keys i barely understand


what mite identification requires:
- an acarologist with years of training
- Krantz & Walter's manual
- highly detailed microscope images or, ideally, SEM

what you have:
- me, an idiot
- some random key i found on the internet
- a partly-in-focus USB scope photo

okay, well, usually there's no microscope photo. there's a shaky video of vague white specks crawling around, and you don't get an ID because the video gave me vertigo and i had to lie down

there needs to be some level of publicly available mite information between "well, is the anal opening macropyline or brachypyline?" and "it's bird/spider/dust/clover mites that will eat your flesh. soak everything you own in pesticides"

i wasnt making that up about the anal openings

(tag urself)

@nev vernier fine control nozzles around a central lift rocket motor on the first liftoff stage

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