rise and shine bitches. reporting from Lamport Stadium, we got cops, we got media, we got coffee twitter.com/ESN_TO/status/1417


Holy shit someone in the camp started playing the Imperial March from Star Wars as the cops all paraded in

About to link arms so may not have a free tweeting hand

There's an encampment press conference scheduled for now, not sure if it's going ahead

Press conference is going on, however I'm too far away to really follow. Some of my neighbours arrived!

They are setting a fence up around us (the orange metal things on the ground are fence supports).

I'd Rather Be Taking Macro Photos of the Bugs On This Burdock

Lol the CBC van (parked inside the perimeter) is getting towed

Apparently they're not allowing food and drink to be handed over the fence now (some coolers of supplies were just delivered). Source: some guy with armband


Had a hamburger (there is a barbecue). However organizers are also going around offering sandwiches, drinks, etc.

Cops also periodically going through filming people/stuff on their phones


Since nothing going on right now, story (thestar.com/news/gta/2021/07/2) and some background:

Toronto's shelter system is perennially underfunded, above capacity, and unsafe, and the actually affordable/supportive housing supply is dwindling. since the pandemic started, many ppl have taken to living outside in tents instead. The City has responded by cracking down on encampments, suing a maker of tiny shelters, etc. +

Groups like the Encampment Support Network (encampmentsupportnetwork.com/) have sprung up to support encampments and meet people's needs, as the city is not providing water, sanitation, etc. They also organize actions like this.

This is just the latest in a long series of increasingly (para)militarized and violent encampment clearings. One at Trinity-Bellwoods was widely reported on: thestar.com/opinion/contributo

Police/corporate security now telling us we are trespassing and if we don't leave we may be arrested.

Side note: I suggested John Carpenter's "They Live" (1988) for last week's bananachips.club groupwatch, I had forgotten about this scene youtu.be/nzPzEaUEtDI

If you are in the Liberty Village area, please do stop by and say hi from the other side of the fence

Another load of water and food arrived. Despite the gate a few metres away everything has to be thrown over the top of the fence.

Side note: a TV reporter and camera person wandered by accompanied by a security guard from a totally different company. I think I saw the same with the CBC too. Do news crews have their own security teams?

A jingle dress dancer in full regalia is dancing outside the fence, accompanied by a drummer/singer

I found an umbrella I forgot I brought and am now enjoying my personal patch of shade while waiting for kettling/mass arrests to begin

Cops and a little mini-scrum accompanying a City employee who is going around to every tent asking if anyone is home.

Outside the fence people are chanting although I was explicitly told there was to be no chanting, so I guess this is of their own initiative

The guys in the shirts accompanying the city worker are undercover cops or something, which you can tell from their general asshole vibe

Update: I have been informed people inside the fence are chanting too, this is an "official" initiative

That is only a prefab "temporary" building because they couldn't afford to build an actual shelter twitter.com/MattA_RPP/status/1

Pallet barricades going up, people rushing fences from outside

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@nev they have always had various forms of "close protection", although particularly in 1980s and 1990s TV camera operators tended to be physically large folk due to the sheer weight of the equipment (20-30 kilos) and they would often go around in groups.

Nowadays though everything is outsourced, and security firms exist which specialise in guarding TV and movie production resources..

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