The scene at 14 Division where a large crowd is chanting for the release of ppl arrested at Lamport Stadium.


One guy finishes a loud anti-police rant with "...and now I have to go home and cook for my wife!"

Someone updated us on the status of people still arrested/in hospital/etc., but I could not really hear and was in the middle of leaving a message for Joe Cressy

Riot cops here again, forcing the crowd back, several ppl pepper sprayed

And horses. Crowd now moving south towards Dundas

Camera still not working, big line of cops with shields and batons, guns (rubber-covered bullets)

Fuck this fucking phone. Now crowd slowly moving east along a side street away from station.

I gotta get home, ppl now headed much further away

Scratch that, another massive group of cops cutting off Ossington. Annoyed because I left my bike parked on Dundas. Won't make that mistake again

Okay, so what was meant to be a rally to get folks let out of jail has turned into an impromptu march through Little Italy

As we march past diners on sidewalk patios Desmond Cole shouts over loudspeaker that we want the same thing - a bylaw exemption so ppl don't get kicked out of parks. "...Enjoy your meal," he yells as an afterthought

A streetcar and several cars/trucks have honked their support

At Christie Pits, a medic explains what people who were pepper-sprayed should do when they go home to avoid exacerbating the irritation. Big round of cheering for the medics who have been crushing it today

Skyler Williams (of 1492 Land Back Lane), who got injured this morning, is out of the hospital and saying a few words about solidarity and so on

Phone and battery pack both low on juice, not much more to say, will try to make my way back to Parkdale.

Home safe! Thank you very much to everyone who walked with me, etc., today. And the ESN ppl who provided food and water.

Also gotta give a shout out to Uniqlo's $10 poly-cotton T-shirt which did not rip even when grabbed by a cop to throw me on the ground. SPONSOR ME, UNIQLO

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@nev assaulting a peace officer in the line of duty with a deadly weapon! we have footage of this criminal intent!!! [that scene in that pokémon movie where squirtle defeats machamp with a single bubble beam]

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