LB (and here) trans USian folks go get your passports updated, you no longer need a doctor's note or court order to change your gender marker

p.s. the US has added an X gender marker. personally it strikes me as kind of sketchy in that it will be recorded permanently by the government and a future gov't (or anywhere you travel) will know you're queer and could target you at any point in the future

i think it's wonderful that they've done this but my eastern european jewish ass just doesn't trust it lol

@tindall Forever torn between "People should be able to put whatever gender marker they want on their ID" and "Good GOD why would you want a cop to know you're trans?"


@witchfynder_finder @tindall I get the iffiness. Personally I think it is worth the risk (I have an X on my driver's license) as I am sometimes inconsistently gendered and there's no guarantee everyone in the process will agree on what gender I am; and also I think them knowing beforehand is less risky than them finding out after they have already gendered me one way or the other.

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