ok so i hate to be That Guy but is anyone else weirded out that everyone is using fucking white supremacist 4chan cartoons of "Nordic" and "tradwife" ideals for generic meme characters?

@nev This has been bothering me for like a year. I was starting to wonder if *my* interpretation of them was wrong since it felt like no one else had a problem.

@nev Those memes don't seem to circulate in the parts of the Interwebs that I pay attention to, but yeah, that's pretty squicky.

@nev be that guy. It's bullshit, and if I never see another one on my TL I'll die happier.

Honestly considering just straight up blocking uses, as opposed to mentions, on sight, to spare myself inevitable disappointment later when the person turns out to be a complete racist arse

@nev I had no idea that was the source of those characters. (I've never been very meme-fluent.)

@clifstan @nev That lack of fluency is something that white supremacists and other fash-holes rely on to spread their ideas unnoticed.

The best inoculation I can think of for this sort of thing is to familiarize yourself with Umberto Eco's "Eternal Fascism: Fourteen Ways of Looking at a Blackshirt." It's not an "is this fashy y/n" test, more of a set of guidelines that help you ask the right questions of the world and those around you.

@nev extremely!!!!! i hate it so much, but they're so omnipresent now i feel like i don't even know where to begin speaking out against them

@nev im more disgusted by the fascist creep it represents than weirded out. it's absolutely vile that people are unaware of the origins and presenting these characters as neutral, which is what the white supremacists who created them wanted

@Jo @metapianycist @nev I didn't know the origin but they always felt icky to me anyway. now I know why.

nordic gamer and trad girl white supremacist meme discussion 

@nev imo the only usage of those characters in a meme I've seen that is actively challenging white supremacy is where the two are labeled "elon musk's parents" and are saying "isn't it great that we own this emerald mine in apartheid South Africa?" "yes." followed by a photo of elon musk saying "i'm a self made billionaire"

@nev I feel that way about "based."

Like, folks *do* know that its use as a signal of power and swagger was assimilated by places like Gamergate and /r/The_Donald, *right?*

@LexYeen huh. i was only aware of the AAVE meaning

@LexYeen @nev please join me in my standard reply: "based? based on what?"

Because aside from the horrible white nationalist associations it just sounds really stupid

@nev yeah, it sucks – same as ‘based’; apparently recycling fash trash slang is considered fancy, these days. :(

@nev hey wow, on the time traveling one they made it like 3 paragraphs in before mentioning pewdiepie or racist outbursts.

(Yes it’s awful and a scary illustration of how well right wing propaganda is working on social media)

@nev thanks for the links. I had just this morning seen a variant of it worked into an image posted by a left leaning group. (They changed it to be brown skin, black beard, a turban, and saying "no", but it was still the same base.)

So using the link you posted, I was That Person in the group. :)

@nev Oh yeah, I hate it and avoid using it - even when it's a satirical version making fun of those memes and subverting the meaning.

I _think_ a large part of people using it aren't very aware of the implications. It's a meme, they see it a lot in somewhat funny contexts and pass it forward. So I wouldn't immediately judge anyone for using it. But that's what makes it a powerful propaganda tool. :/

@nev Sadly these things are seeping into mainstream culture and while they mostly lose their original strong meanings, they drag along a similar baggage silently.

On a similar note I saw a Pepe frog user avi on an Android widget preview for Telegram and that had me throw up in my mouth 💢

@cadadr @nev but Pepe the Frog wasn't always a far-right symbol. They just took it and well everybody just concede Pepe. I still to this day think that was a bad idea

@Jaded905 @nev sadly it's pretty difficult to hold onto anything this virus contaminates. I've heard that about pepe, don't know the details much, but trying to reclaim these symbols always runs a very high risk of platforming and legitimising alt-right...

@cadadr @nev see I don't believe that when it comes to internet stuff. Yes for a while Pepe was not an alt right caricature. For a long time it was just simply a meme on the internet kind of like Bad Luck Brian. Pepe would always have weird things going on or happening to them. See I don't surrender items or particular types of things to the alt right. Because I'm scared of this or that reason. If you like something you like something you determine what you're using it for not them

@nev not really. The proud boys use a catchphrase that African socialist use. A meme is a meme. It all gets whitewashed and it all becomes whatever the wielder of that meme wanted to be.

@nev it bothered me so much when i was making my first meme using them, because i'd never stopped to think about it until then, and i didn't want to make a big deal about it out of fear i was being too sensitive

never made a second because it just felt gross.

@nev no, bc fascists/white supremacists infiltrate the meme world on purpose but yeah no one seems to care when i tell them 🙃

@nev I don't really interact with anyone who uses them, but that's, like, by design


i try to tell people about this when i can, since it seems like a lot of people just Don't Know... but also an overwhelming number of people simply dont care :(

@nev i just saw someone post on a discord some silly meme involving an amogus... and a stonetoss character

that *one* frame that just says "stonetoss is a nazi" is not as helpful as its author might (claim to) believe

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