I did not make this connection when I heard the FTC were directing their efforts this way.

But now I have to guess the "haha ice cream machines" framing maybe was coming from people who already understood, and are threatened by, the brilliant accessibility of this as an example.


@deejoe it's honestly so great in its cultural ubiquity. Most people don't know about tractor software, but pretty much everyone has gotten ice cream at McDonald's. It's a tangible legislative change.

more explicit food ment than earlier in the thread and kinda gross 

@nev @deejoe on the one hand, i'm pretty sure we've all also eaten a lot of stuff that was processed with a tractor at some point

on the other, the way i'd first been introduced to this issue with mickey dee ice cream was a warning that pretty much every one of those machines has a lot of mold growing in it because they're impossible to clean properly

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