Despite its newer color palettes and primal landscapes, Minecraft play is very unreflective and validating of an industrial relationship to life and the natural world.

What would a solarpunk version of Minecraft be like instead?


@paulczege @kensanata I want a "reverse Minecraft" where the world is just a never-ending procedurally generated city and you can turn it back into the natural biomes. I think there would totally be an audience for it, a lot of people take pride in terraforming

@paulczege @kensanata (I think this actually might not be too hard to do now that we have structure blocks)

@nev @paulczege @kensanata that's a pretty interesting idea. I'd love to knock down abandoned concrete slabs and make plants grow all over the rubble.

@nev @paulczege @kensanata although, I think my take on a solarpunk "reverse-minecraft" would be focused around nurturing plants with care and magic (or "science") to grow into the necessary infrastructure, and instead of the player walking around a world almost devoid of people, there'd be plenty of NPCs using similar abilities to go about their own complex lives.

And also, actual ecosystems, rather than just things mimicking without interdependence.

@zatnosk @paulczege @kensanata I feel like adding even the simplest ecosystem would require Dwarf Fortress-level shit

@nev @paulczege @kensanata nah, just a bunch of environment modeling and a bit of ai (the rpg-npc sort, not the racist-surveillance sort)

@nev @paulczege Terra Nil and Eco both push in these directions, though with their own complexities and failings.

@vanderZwan @paulczege @kensanata intrigued, albeit mildly critical due to history of "wilderness", "terra nullius", etc., used to justify Indigenous displacement and genocide

@paulczege @kensanata
Oh, right, I hadn't made that connection yet. I guess the building genre as a whole has th problem of "let's bring civilized Western development to this chaos" ideas being embedded in the gameplay mechanics, even in an "anti-building" game (man-made nature is a bit of a paradox, and this particular game isn't centered on getting out of the way of natural processes either)

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