Question for people living outside Finland:

See the picture in link. This is a public place to wash your mats/rugs/carpets.

Do you have such places in your country? If yes, tell your country in comments.!file/!id955/!ver2/!hist0/maxw=684/files/image/IMG_1563.JPG


@Stoori i have so many questions. do you just leave them there till they dry? what if someone takes your rug? are they typically within walking distance? they can't be used during the winter, can they?

@nev @Stoori

it looks like potential bear country too; wouldn't bears be tempted to drink from those easily available water sources (which would be scary if you went to clean your rugs and a bear was around?)

@vfrmedia I guess bears have easier water sources at the endless lakes and streams we have here (also, bears here avoid human habitations).

@nev generally people leave at least cheap rugs out there to dry, who would steal those? distance varies, but the rugs are heavy and people use cars anyway. they're closed off for winter, washing rugs is a summertime chore.

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