Mastodon/fedi server recs (because :birdsite: literally blocked me from posting it lol)


Lefty/social justice-oriented:,,,





Geographical: (NZ), (Twin Cities, MN), (MontrΓ©al, Punklandia)

Once again, you can be on one server and follow/interact with people on any other server (unless they've blocked each otherβ€”it happensβ€”but none of the above are controversial or commonly blocked).

Commonly blocked sites tend to be one/any of these:
- poorly moderated (a lot of big generalist instances, porn/spam)
- regular sources of drama and shit-stirring
- infested with techbro reply guys (like 99.9% of all tech instances)
- transphobe Nazi weeb CHUDs (any site running Pleroma)

I had example websites for all of these categories but decided against including them lmao

(Update: as per @maloki the problem url was, they probably thought it was spam)

Some Mastodon server recommendations, now in blog post form!

Feel free to comment or @ me with recs, this is very much subjective and a work in progress.

Okay if I link to this from my twitter account?

@nev pretty much all decently run Mastodon instances are transparent about what is and isn't blocked (and the server rules) on the /about/more page of the server along with the rules/code of conduct (and if its just the standard text and mostly empty its often a good reason to be wary or a lack of moderation, or its maybe a very small instance with only a handful of people and bots which might not be accepting new registrations anyway)

@nev academic ones also include and!

I think is also temporarily open to new members- that's a food and gardening focused instance not pleroma. it's mostly mastodon instances that are toxic usually :) because they basically defederate from everyone

@nev I host a Pleroma instance because it’s not a resource hog like Mastodon or Misskey. And It has a *very* long block and quarantine list.

The goal of saying this is to:

1) break the stereotype that all Pleroma instances are Nazi instance and
2) to encourage people to use it if they can’t afford a VPS with better specs

@nev is it possible to be on one instance and browse specific others exclusively? So far I know that I can only look at the feed which is every connected instance combined.

@nev love that 4 of the instances I'm on made the list~~


Allow me to tentatively suggest adding to the techy list. (Admittedly, I'm biased.)

@nev mind if I post this on my Twitter and see how long it takes to get banned for it?

@maloki I don't think you'll get banned, it literally didn't let me send the tweets, one of the links is Problematic

Didn't have the energy to figure out which

@nev I also removed when I posted it mostly because we don't federate with them.

Yeah Twitter is more sensitive about some tlds

@nev I did too. But it highlighted that message when it said it so I tried removing that one first and then it posted.

@nev Some recs for gamers? Note: I love video games but I hate Video Games.


I'm just now learning that MSPSocial is a Minnesotan-Based instance, because I thought For SURE that it was a Homestuck Fandom instance.

@Hayling @nev every instance on Mastodon is at least a little bit a Homestuck Fandom instance.

@t54r4n1 @nev

No, I -am- aware of, but I thought MSP was "M-S Paint" not "Minneapolis-St Paul'. [X]-\

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