We (people on Masto) typically content warn things that might be upsetting or challenging for other users to look at. A few of things commonly hidden here might surprise you!

*Eye Contact (from people-photos, animals, and art)
*Food (food discussion, and food images, real or art)
*Caps (shouting in all-caps)
*Common phobia things like trypophobia
*Discussion of politics

Be kind, be gentle, be considerate :bear_hugs:


@GizmoWalpole @Curator these are just guidelines, not hard rules. generally if you see something that you think should be behind a CW, you politely tell the person who posted it. And if someone asks you to CW something, it is polite to do that from then on.

E.g. I post a lot of photos of spiders and other bugs many people have phobias of, so I mark those sensitive. I also try to CW talk of food and alcohol, as I have friends who have eating disorders or are sober and would rather skip that stuff. It's not mandatory but it's just a nice thing to do.

However many servers DO have hard rules about posting NSFW images without CWs!

@nev @GizmoWalpole like ours, which are covered in our server code of conduct from the /about page. 😁

@GizmoWalpole @nev I also see you're on mastodon.online, which is an entirely different community, managed by different people, than the one I run at mastodon.art :) It'll have its own set of rules, and they'll probably be slightly different from ours - it'll also have a slightly different 'culture' because of that.

@GizmoWalpole @nev Animal eye contact is far less triggering for people. The main one is photos of people staring directly at the camera. Some people do CW their photos of animals that contain eye contact but it's generally the people ones that matter most. Profile pics (like yours) are fine too mostly, because they're so small and the eyes aren't really visible, even if looking at the camera.

@GizmoWalpole @nev But don't be worried - if you DO post something that someone feels should have been content warned, people are mostly very nice about asking, then you'll know for next time. Or they'll just skim past it.

It's just about fostering a community of inclusivity and respect for people's anxieties and phobias, and making this as comfortable a place as we can for everyone.

@GizmoWalpole @nev I think you might also have misunderstood what I meant by 'hide' and 'content warn' in my original post - the Content Warning is a button you can click on when you're writing a post, that allows you to place content behind a kind of spoiler tag, so that people can choose whether to click through to view the 'hidden' content. It's not that admins/mods go around removing people's posts that don't comply with these :D

@GizmoWalpole @nev People don't take offense at kittens and strawberries. People don't 'take offense' at direct eye contact - it's a source of anxiety and discomfort for people who are on the autism spectrum, for example. That is a very very significant difference.

@GizmoWalpole So you'll understand, then, that I am very clearly not saying that kittens and strawberries are offensive.

That being said if you feel like something violates those guidelines, you can report it (via the three dots) to bring it to an admins attention.

There have been cases of servers / instances pushing out violence / nazi content. If admins notice them, the communication to those servers is blocked (see #fediblock).

Fediverse is relying on people looking after each other.
@nev @Curator

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