Photos from yesterday's Leslie Spit/Tommy Thompson Park trip! But first, just Google Maps trying to send me across the river via Eastern Ave. 馃惁

Barely any leaves, but the trees were resplendent with catkins 馃惁

We went all the way to the lighthouse point. "Annihilation" references were made.

At the beach below, some young foxes poked their heads out of their den. Scared them back in, but they were very curious and emerged again. 馃惁

On the way back we went through the Ashbridges Bay Landform Project, a raw and lonely but beautiful landscape. There were curious trumpeter swans in the pond of dead trees.

More about the project: 馃惁

The bricks and tile and other debris that form the beaches are still fresh. The headland is a thicket of twisted rebar. 馃惁

An enormous brown and white bird of prey - a hawk? a falcon? - swooped low above us with one of the ubiquitous red-winged blackbirds in hot pursuit. The blackbird dived and actually hit the raptor! They briefly sat in a tree and the RWB yelled at it, then chased it off again. 馃惁

Some interesting rocks. Strange inscriptions; textures; beach glass < beach terrazzo 馃惁

All for now - have spider pics but will post them separately. 馃惁

@nev Some history about the Staso Milling Company that produced the crushed slate tile in the first image, probably c. 1920s:

@futzle thank you! I'm curious about where everything came from

@giltay thank you, googling "Toronto raptors" was getting me nowhere :P

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