And there you have it!!! The 35 HOUR MARATHON on #aNONradio in celebration of @SDF 's 35th BIRTHDAY!! 🎂 🎉 Awesome closing there DJ Mentos @mcornick What a great job!!! 👏 👏

Thank U so much to all the DJs who participated in the marathon, the sysadmins esp. @iczer and smj, and of course, to all our listeners and supporters!! 🙌


DJ mentos will continue streaming his regular show GIANT STEPS in the next hour so pls dont go away!



@snowdusk @peron ...and how do I put this in my own prompt???

dear @nev @snowdusk on SDF you can try
cat /ftp/pub/users/peron/files/arte/utf8/sdf.utf8ans

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